Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino: Playing the Field (House)

On Friday night, February 18th, Johnny Knockout Entertainment along with Kid Rocco Entertainment enlisted Vinny Guadagnino from MTV’s Jersey Shore to host their party “Cupid’s Revenge” at the Field House in center city Philadelphia. After attending other Jersey Shore themed events with Jenni “J-Woww” Farley & DJ Pauly D over the past year, we only knew we should anticipate hordes of rabid fans. We were spot on.

Vinny judged a “GTL” (gym, tanning, and leopard [outfits]) contest for the ladies, conducted a meet & greet with fans holding VIP tickets, and spent the remainder of his time on a small stage with practically every female in the building attempting to throw themselves at him or a member of his entourage.

It was a mad house. At times it looked like the women were going to trample the barriers as well as the bouncers just to get a few feet closer to the Jersey Shore icon as he and his friends drank, danced, and fist pumped on stage (stopping only to pull females from the crowd).

We aren’t going to pretend to understand why people like Jersey Shore but there is certainly no denying that they do. With party-goers paying anywhere from $20-50 each for tickets, there was a lot of money made last night (not to mention the cost of alcohol).

Many people were more than happy to pose with or without Vinny for our photographer.

By the end of the night when Vinny and his crew moved the party back to the Loews hotel we were as exhausted as the floor of Field House was sticky.

Here is our full photo slide-show which should speak for itself:

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