Jauz at The TLA

A true friendzy occurred Thursday, February 25th in Philadelphia as ‘Jauz’ and friends paid The Theatre of the Living Arts a visit.  This stop on the ‘Friendzy’ tour marked Jauz’s fourth appearance in Philadelphia in the past year; needless to say he is a fan favorite in this city.  His fierce support for this event was Aazar and none other than Philadelphia’s own Architekt and Patrick Richards.  This night marked the fifth consecutive sold out show to kick off the Friendzy tour, a sign of the ever-growing popularity Jauz is gaining since he first stepped onto the scene two years ago.

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Patrick Richards started the infestation with a set packed with eclectic song choices chained together with silky transitions.  The highlight of Richards set was his seamless transition from a Led  Zeppelin “Black Dog” remix immediately into The Lion King’s “The Circle of Life”.  This Philadelphia kid knows how to get his hometown crowd going and played a diverse opening set. His early energetic and bouncy feel had the early comers’ feet moving.

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To continue the night, heavy-hitter Architekt graced the stage.  As he rose from behind the table the Philadelphia crowd exploded to greet the rising talent.  As per usual, the Philly DJ stayed classily quiet behind the decks and allowed his MC to handle crowd interactions.  For this show, the well-known MC Sharpness took the stage.  MC Sharpness successfully carried the initial excitement of Architekt’s presence throughout the set as the crowd ate into his vocal cues. A successful weaving from high to low tempo and pleasant doses of deep vibrating bass defined the bass heavy set that ensued for the next hour.  Fans loved the heavy dose of bass therapy as they bumped and swayed to the heavy beats.  After destroying the venue, Architekt quietly made his way off stage for Aazar to take over.

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Ominous red lights glowed from behind the DJ table as low tones overtook the soundscape within the venue.  Suspense built over the next minute or two while the crowd waited for the next artist to emerge.  Once Aazar appeared, he took no time to get things going.  The ominous tones quickly transitioned into his and 4B’s “Pop That” and never let up from there.  Aazar played to the Philadelphia crowd using numerous remixes of popular tracks, including many hip hop influences, while throwing in original releases and some classic dance tracks.  Some highlights include Skrillex’s “Dirty Vibe”, NGHTMRE’s “Streets”, Drake’s “Jumpman”, and a remix of Genuwine’s “Pony” to close off the set.  Aazar covered a lot of ground as far as song choice went and kept the energy high and the crowd jumping throughout his hour-long set.

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Next, Jauz took the reins from Aazar.  He wasted no time and quickly sunk his teeth into the Philly crowd.  The first half of his set consisted of ferocious originals such as “Feel the Volume” and tracks by the likes of SKisM, LAXX, Zomboy, and Skrillex.  About halfway through his set the LA-based producer stopped to address the crowd and ask them a few questions about musical preference.  After displaying the diverse likings of the crowd, he continued to tear through popular tracks such as Martin Garrix’s “Animals” and Knife Party’s “Internet Friends”.  Amongst these tracks, he flawlessly dropped in classics such as Linkin Park’s “In The End”, KISS’ “I Wanna Rock N Roll All Night”, and Eiffel 65’s “Blue”.  After an impressive showing of skills, the shark squad leader returned to his patented style with “Rock the Party” and numerous unreleased tracks.  These unreleased tracks featured artists such as Netsky, Barely Alive (A Zelda themed track!), Ghastly, and Dillon Francis.  This fuels excitement for new releases on the horizon.  For the nineties kids in the crowd, Jauz played out the Pokemon Theme song into Skrillex’s “Red Lips” remix.  A high-energy night was capped off with an unreleased drum and bass track worked on with Dillon Francis, which left the crowd in awe.  As the show wrapped up the crowd was left chanting “One more song!” for the next five minutes after which Jauz addressed the crowd wishing he could continue to play and telling everyone to get home safe.  The hour and a half set truly portrayed his love and appreciation for all style of music as well as his appreciation for his fans and supporters.  This stop on the Friendzy tour was distinguished by a night of classy performers delivering a diverse spectrum of musical tastes, all of which kept the Philly crowd bouncing.  We feel confident speaking for the Philadelphia crowd when we say that we’re excited for Jauz to make another appearance here soon.

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Chris Mason]

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