Jam On The River with Lotus, Griz, Papadosio, and Conspirator at Penns Landing

Jam On The River returned to Philadelphia’s River Stage at Penn’s Landing over Memorial Day Weekend with a lineup featuring Lotus, Griz, Papadosio, Conspirator, Zoogma, and Grimace Federation.  After a 6 year long hiatus, Jam On The River was back in grand fashion, with the stellar lineup accompanied by beautiful weather. A packed crowd, filled with hula-hoopers and tie-dyed shirt wearing 20 something year olds, filled out the venue nicely.  


Conspirator and Papadosio were the first two acts we got the chance to see at Jam On The River.  Both acts played to a crowd that seemed to enjoy their music but was also still slowly growing (probably due to the vast amount of kids still pre-gaming).  The amphitheater within the River Stage really did not fill out until the end of Conspirator’s set as more and more people arrived at the festival. 


By the time Griz came on, who was the second to last artist of the night, the amphitheater was completely packed.  With his trademark Saxophone, Griz laid down a great, funkadelic set.  Griz completely changed pace about midway through his set, squeezing in the track ‘Stranger’ from Skrillex’s recent album into his set, after which Griz played much more upbeat music.  


The only negative thing we have to say about the event would be how quiet the music was, up until Lotus, the headliner, performed.  There was even a point during Griz’s set where he tried to turn up the volume, only to be told by someone off to the side of the stage that he could not do that.  Griz took to the microphone to apologize to the crowd for the music being so soft, but then also told the crowd to just “shut their eyes and imagine the music was very loud”, to which he got a loud cheer from the crowd.


There was a 30 minute intermission following Griz before the headliners of the night, Lotus, hit the stage for a two hour set that went from 8pm until 10pm. By the time Lotus came on, there was no room whatsoever in the amphitheater as everyone packed in tight to catch Lotus perform. 


Lotus played an absolutely incredible set that was the perfect sendoff to what had already been a great day of music.  Towards the end of their set, Lotus thanked the crowd for their part in bringing back Jam On The River after its 6 year hiatus.  Lotus also reminded the crowd that Jam On The River had been absent for so long that the last time the event was held, Deadmau5 was an opening act.  (Don’t believe us?  Proof – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq-IrhF6fls).


We had an incredible time at Jam On The River and from the looks of it just about everyone in attendance did as well.  We hope that Jam On The River makes a return to Philadelphia in 2015.

[Photos and Article by Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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