Interview with XXXChange of WIN WIN

WIN WIN (XXXchange, Devlin, and Ghostdad) are coming to Kung Fu Necktie on May 26th to deliver their mash-up of psychadelic disco and pop-referential visuals (that they contort live).

Their debut LP, which dropped earlier this year, is a concept album about how staring into screens all day is isolating human beings from one another (ironically, like right this  very moment). We’ll be there to cover the show, spend some time with Win Win, and have some good old fashioned human interaction. We hope you’ll join us. Get out of your screens…and into a bar.

There’s no harm in getting to know WIN WIN a little better before sharing an evening with them, so we had our writer, Dixie, pick XXXchange’s brain…

Independent Philly: What artists from the past influence you today?
XXXChange: All kinds of stuff from classical to no-wave to trance. No prejudice here. Mostly lots of psych rock though, lately.

IP: Are there any current artists that influence you now?
XXX: We’re not listening to many bands currently. The influence for this band is mostly non-musical.

IP: What separates you from the multitude of other artists on the scene today?
XXX: We’re coming at indie/experimental type stuff from a dance and production background. So I guess our goal is to make experimental music but with good concise song structure and modern presentation (as far as the mixing and the sound goes).

IP: You notoriously produced for Spank Rock, Amanda Blank and The Kills. What do you like most about producing, and what is your favorite part about working with other artists?
XXX: Its all about making people shine. So you try and figure out what they’re all about and maybe see what they’ve done in the past, stuff you like about it and stuff you don’t like, and then kind of try and steer them in a direction more towards the good stuff or towards making improvements. Working with new artists can be a little more fun because you can try and figure out the initial direction together before there’s any history there; It’s harder too.

IP: You hail from Baltimore, MD, but are now a Brooklyn native. What are your favorite Brooklyn haunts?
XXX: Matamoros mexican restaurant in Sunset Park Brooklyn is big for us lately. Also Fairway market out in Redhook. We’re mostly down in southwest Brooklyn, not up in Williamsburg, so we do a lot of cooking and eating mexican food. The only bar down here is in a bowling alley.

IP: What’s your favorite part of being in the studio?
XXX: Intimidating people… haha sike, but you have to always be thinking about the energy in the room a little bit. If you’re too comfortable there’s no energy there to make music. So sometimes, you know, people play a little better if they just had an argument or whatever. if you think about it, in most great bands, there were two people who were the main creative forces (in the band) and they usually hated each others guts.

IP: At the end of your tour, what do you hope your fans take with them?
XXX: Some really good jams, and hopefully they bought our DVD.

IP: What bought you guys together and gave you the idea to incorporate Ghostdad’s video production into your live shows?
XXX: The video thing has been a big focus since before we even started making the music for the album. Me and Ghostdad have been working on this DVD project for close to two years.

IP: Quick word association….first thing that comes to mind:




soap, white cotton rags




polenta fritters




lose or draw


are really winners in my book

IP: Finally, Tell us something that would surprise, or even shock our readers…
XXX: I’m into gardening. Seriously.

Want to give Win Win a listen before checking out their show in a few weeks? You can do so by clicking on the link below. But trust us, the sound is just one element of Win Win. To get the full Win Win experience, you’ll need to see the live-show complete with the killer video mixes. See you there.

WIN WIN Mixtape, Volume 1

[Dixie & Jacob Miller contributed to this article]


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