Interview with Superstar D.J. ATB

André  Tanneberger, better known by his moniker “ATB”, is one of the biggest names in electronic music on the planet (and possibly in outer space). For over 20 years he has been a highly respected DJ, producer, and song writer. He’s played at mega-clubs all over the world, has produced a bevy of hits, and has been setting trends in trance music since you were in diapers. What hasn’t ATB done? An interview with Independent Philly? Looks like we can cross that off the list too.

Independent Philly: What did you enjoy about being part of a group (Sequential One) that varies from being a solo act?

ATB: Sequential One are my roots of electronic music and I really enjoyed the time to perform as a live act on stage. It’s something completely different and I am really thankful for this experience. On the other hand as a live act you only play your own music. This was the reason why I was looking for possibilities to bring more variation into my performance. That’s why I started to perform as a DJ. It offers me the opportunity to play everything I love, not only my own productions. And, what is most important for me, I’m closer to the audience and can adjust the music according to the atmosphere right in that moment.

IP: If you were charged with the task of putting together a top-5 list of ATB singles (in order, #1 being best) what would they be? What would be the worst single?

ATB: Thankfully I’m not charged with that task. There’s no competition going on in my mind when it comes to my own productions, and neither for the work of other artists.

IP: You’ve been all over the planet, what are some of your favorite places to perform, and why?

ATB: It’s no secret that the USA is one of my favorite countries. I like these tremendous landscapes, unbelievable skylines of the big cities, mixed cultures and club scene. But of course there are also many other great places in the world I really like to play at. From Zouk Club in Singapore, to Kristal Club in Romania, Nature One in Germany, CIFCO in San Salvador…

IP: What are five MUST have items when you travel?

ATB: My Iphone, my mac, a USB stick for music, my headphones, and a good mood.

IP: What does your latest album “Distant Earth” offer listeners that they haven’t heard before from ATB?

ATB: As the title of the album already indicates the music at the album should make the people forget the world around. From dreamy over trancy to progressive sounds I think there is something for everybody who likes electronic music. And of course there are also a lot of new things to discover. Be it unknown vocals you haven’t heard before on one of my albums or completely new sound elements. My challenge was to give the audience besides these new sounds always the feeling that it’s still 100% ATB and I think this mission was successful!

IP: If you could collaborate with any vocalist (living) on a track, who would it be?

ATB: I always try to find the right balance between well-known and new vocal artists. I don’t like to work just with voices people have already heard a thousand times. So for me the most interesting vocals are the ones nobody knows yet.

Marquee Las Vegas (credit: Al Powers)

IP: If you were asked to pick another DJ to perform an 8 hour tag-team set with at a gigantic event, who would it be and why?

ATB: I would do the performance with my good friend Josh Gallahan. He is a really great producer and DJ and I’ve known him for years now. We produce many tracks together, for example the track “Chapter One” on my new album and already played some fantastic gigs together. He is often on tour with me.

IP: Tell us something that would surprise or even shock our readers….

ATB: Do you know that Distant Earth entered rank 7 of the album charts in my home country Germany just one week after release? This is the highest ranking I have ever reached in Germany for an album as of now. I’m really proud about that.

Marquee Las Vegas (credit: Al Powers)

What does ATB have on tap for summer 2011? Touring of course! Along with his residency at Marquee in Las Vegas, he’ll be rocking the decks in the following cities:

Thu May 26 Costa Mesa Sutra Lounge
Sat May 28 Las Vegas Marquee Nightclub
Sun May 29 Denver Beta
Thu Jul 07 Belo Horizonte Chevrolet Hall
Fri Aug 26 Tooele Deseret Peak Complex
Fri Sep 02 Las Vegas Marquee Nightclub
Sat Sept 03 New York Electric Zoo Festival
Marquee Las Vegas (credit: Al Powers)
Independent Philly will be in NYC to catch him (and an amazing line-up of other DJ’s) at Electric Zoo Festival in September! Won’t you join us? In the meantime, please enjoy this ATB mini-mix:

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