Interview with Matt “Burns” Poulos of Go Radio

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After three lead-in interviews leading up to the Warped Tour (last Thursday) and over 10 video interviews as part of our event coverage, we were feeling a Warped Tour void here at Independent Philly. Did you feel it too? We thought the best way to get over it was to stop trying to go cold turkey and gradually step down with a final interview from a Warped Tour band.

We spoke with Matt Poulos of Go Radio to get his thoughts on the tour, the band, and even a cocktail recipe. Ready? Set? Go Radio.

Independent Philly: Where did the name “GO RADIO” come from? Does it hold any special meaning?

Matt Poulos: When we started this project, it was called Go Radio from the very beginning.  There is no real hidden meaning. We liked the way that it sounded and it was one of those things where the band would define the name as opposed to the other way around.

IP: Is it true that Alex Reed joined the band by contacting you through Myspace? 

MP: When our last guitar player, Tony, told us he was done playing music, I put together a list of things a replacement guitar player would have to have.  It turned out to be a long list of prerequisites that were both personal and professional.  I posted the laundry list on Myspace with the title “Go Radio looking for new guitar player.”  We got over 100 responses the first week and I knew right out the gate that Alex was the right man for the position.

IP: What was the best part about shooting your first music video together? What was it like seeing it for the first time? 

MP: It was an incredible experience.  Working with Drew Russ was a lot of fun because he was very professional, but also really easy to work and relate with.  We could see how well the whole thing was coming together on the playback screens, but when we saw it all together it was really mind blowing for us.  It really felt like an accomplishment for us.

IP: How have you enjoyed playing on Warped Tour so far? What other bands on tour have you most enjoyed seeing live?

MP: Warped Tour is great.  There is no shortage of great bands or open-minded fans.  My favorite bands live on this tour are Lucero, Enter Shikari, August Burns Red, A Skylit Drive and Against Me!

IP: If you were creating your own music tour, what three bands (aside from yourselves) would you get to headline? 

MP: Manchester Orchestra, Band of Horses, and the Kings of Leon.  These are three of my favorite bands right now.

IP: How often do you play the song “Forever My Father” live? Do you ever get overcome with emotion when you do? 

MP: We use to play that song a lot live.  It is very emotional for a few of us, so when we aren’t headlining we usually don’t play that one.  That song has a heavy emotional impact on us, so it’s difficult not to get caught up in it live.

IP: What’s been your biggest rock star moment to date?

MP: I’m not sure about a particular moment, but it is incredible to see the reactions that our fans have when we play live. I’d be lying if I said watching a couple hundred people singing the songs that we’ve written with huge smiles on their faces didn’t make me feel 10 feet tall.

IP: How did you get your start playing music? How old were you? 

MP: I started playing guitar in middle school.  The three coolest guys at my school played in a band, so that’s how I got started.

IP: Are you sports fans? What teams do you root for? 

MP: YES. NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts. College Football: Florida State Seminoles.

IP: Name your top 3…

a. junk food treats

Beef Jerky.  Baked Cheetos. Chocolate Quaker Rice Snacks.

b. must-have items on a tour bus

Beer. Liquor. Madden.

c. musical influences

Andy Hull.  Ben Nichols. Hank Williams Sr.

d. most embarrassing moments (that you’re willing to admit to)


e. biggest regrets

Probably should’ve paid attention to my family when I was younger, loved a little harder, fist fought a little less.

IP: We’ve decided GO RADIO will be the name of a cocktail… give us the recipe…

MP: 4 parts bourbon… add ice.

IP: Tell us something that would surprise, or even shock our readers…

MP: This band works as a brotherhood.  All people are equal in say and importance.  Our crew and management are family.  We are all in this together.

You can check out the video for Go Radio’s “Any Other Heart” from their album “Lucky Street” at the link below, and you can catch Matt and the the rest of the guys from Go Radio on the Vans Warped Tour all summer long!

Any Other Heart:

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