Interview with Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada

Vans Warped Tour will descend on the Philadelphia region on July 21st. Independent Philly will be there to catch all of the action but in the meantime we’re gearing up for the Warped Tour by interviewing several of the bands who will be performing here in two weeks.

We kicked off our series of interviews this morning when we spoke with Jeremy DePoyster of “The Devil Wears Prada“.

Independent Philly: You guys are known as a “Christian” band. How does that separate you from other metalcore bands on the scene today?

Jeremy DePoyster: It’s bound to dictate most of the things that we do. We have substance and passion for the music that we make. It’s not a flash in the pan or a hype move. It’s about the music and the show for us, not a lot of the other things [image, partying, etc]. 

IP: What does “The Devil Wears Prada” mean to you?

JD: Worst band name choice of all time. 

IP: What are three must-have items during a zombie invasion?

JD: Shot gun (it’s the most effective fire arm), if I could somehow acquire a flame thrower for taking out mass hoards, and my wife.

IP: Have you ever played your own songs on Rock Band? Did you get a perfect score?

JD: No I played once and failed horribly. I’m terrible at that game. 

IP: Your new album “Dead Throne” is due out September 16th, what can fans expect from this latest venture, perhaps something they haven’t heard before?

JD: There’s a little bit of stuff you haven’t heard before. As we get older we try new things. It’s heavy and aggressive and moves, but has a little musical maturity and some cool melodies. I know everyone says this [about their recent works] but I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever written. If you’re a fan of the band, pick it up. If not, check it out, there might be some songs that really speak to you.

IP: Have you been playing many of the new songs on tour?

JD: We’re playing one song, “Born to Lose”, that’s already released on I-Tunes, and we’ll probably put out another song before the album is released, but we won’t play it before then. We haven’t practiced playing it live.
“Blessed be those who have no idols. Invoke holy honor, sanctify
the patient. I don’t see the world the same. I’m no one’s hero, so
just forget my name. I abhor you, with every foolish thing that you
say. None of it is worth the time: another meaningless war. You
don’t know what you need. We’re all so back and forth, nothing is
as it seems. You don’t know what you need. We make the same
mistakes, we’ve ruined everything. What is it this time? What
must you call holy? This is your lifeline, nothing is at it seems. If I
were you I’d give it up. If I were you I’d care. I’m born to lose with
a noose around my neck. World be damned and move forward. I
abhor you, with every selfish thing that you say. None of it is the
worth the time. You don’t know what you need. We’re all so back
and forth, nothing is as it seems. You don’t know what you need.
We make the same mistakes, we’ve ruined everything. Born to
lose with a noose around my neck.”
IP: What is the best part of being involved with the Warped Tour? What other band were you most excited to see on the 2011 tour?

JD: I stand outside the bus and watch people and a lot of people are partying and hanging and seeing old friends but we’re here just to play awesome shows for the fans…these are some of the best shows we’ve ever played. We love “A Day To Remember”; we go way back as friends. “Against Me!” is also a really rad band.

IP: What is your least favorite part about touring?

JD: Being away from my lady and dog and house and just real life.  You give that up for 9 months a year to live on a bus on do this thing.

IP: What is your biggest rockstar moment to date?

JD: We played a festival (Summer Fest) in Milwaukee with twelve or thirteen thousand people, and you’re up on the big LED screens. It’s the same show but felt a little different.

IP: Tell us something that would surprise or even shock our readers…

JD: We’re just a bunch of normal dudes. There is a facade that bands are idols or crazy people, and people make this life seem so crazy and insane, but we’re just six real dudes who play music. I think it would be encouraging to be a young person or even someone my age and find out this band is made up of people just like them.

We can’t wait to see Jeremy and the rest of TDWP when they rock the Susquehanna Bank Center on the 21st! Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with Go Radio, Asking Alexandria, and 3OH3!

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