Interview with James Suptic of The Get Up Kids

The Get Up Kids, from Kansas City, burst onto the music scene over fifteen years ago and enjoyed much success before disbanding in 2005. Their 1999 album “Something to Write Home About” was their most successful venture and in 2009 they reunited to re-release the album and do a reunion tour. The reunion led The Get Up Kids back into the studio and now they are poised to release “There Are Rules”, their first full length album in seven years. The album hits stores on Tuesday, January 25th.

“There Are Rules” is sure to be an instant favorite for past fans of the band and is likely to make many new fans who might not have heard the bands older material. The songs, both up and down tempo, are infectious and catchy. After listening to the entire album the only logical thing for us to do was put it on repeat and listen to it all over again.

The Get Up Kids guitarist, James Septic, answered some questions for us about the past, present, and future of the band.

Independent Philly: You originally reunited in 2009 for the 10 year reunion tour for “Something To Write Home About”. What was it about that reunion that made you decide to start recording new music together again?

James Suptic: We realized that when we broke up the first time, what we really needed was a long break. These guys are like my family. We don’t get along all the time, but in the end we are stuck with each other.

IP: Describe the feeling of recording new music together for “There Are Rules” after so many years apart.

JS: It felt pretty comfortable. After 15 years it gets easier.

IP: We know you dislike the term “Emo” that was often used to describe your musical style in the 1990’s… how would YOU describe your sound? How will the new songs on “There are Rules” vary from your past albums?

JS: I don’t dislike the term “emo”. I just don’t care. We have always said we are just an indie rock band. Even that comes with baggage, I guess. The new album is the polar opposite of “Guilt Show”. That record was thought out to the point of a Mutt Lange album. “There Are Rules” is raw and live.

IP: How did your time apart to work on separate projects since your break-up in 2005 ultimately bring you closer as a band? Was it just a simple case of being burned out after 10 years of touring together and everyone needed a break? How are things different now?

JS: We talk a lot more freely if things are getting on our nerves. That probably just comes with age and maturing. I am having way more fun than I used to.

IP: What is your biggest “Rock Star” moment to date? Don’t hold back.

JS: It involves a strip club and an A list actress. I’m married with a child. I think I need to hold somethings back.

IP: Let’s do some quick word association… first thing that comes to mind…

Green Day…


Greatest Hits…








IP: You are putting together a giant international tour with five acts. Everyone is available. Who are the four bands/musicians you’d bring along for this once in a lifetime concert?

JS: Fugazi, Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Blur, and a local opener, ha!

IP: When can fans expect to see you in Philly?

JS: I think at the end of February.

IP: Tell us something about yourselves that would surprise or even shock our readers…

JS: I am not Reggie and the Full Effect. That’s the other James.

For fans who can’t wait until Tuesday to buy the new album, you can pre-order “There Are Rules” by CLICKING HERE

We are also giving away a copy of “There Are Rules” to a lucky winner. You can check out the CONTEST PAGE for details.

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