Interview with Aries Spears

We have been big fans of comedian Aries Spears for a long time. From his roles in movies like ‘The Pest’ and ‘Jerry Maguire’ to his long running stint on Fox’s ‘Mad TV’ and his hilarious stand up comedy specials, the guy always leaves us laughing. When we heard that his new stand up special is going to be filmed right here in Philadelphia on August 27th, we thought this would be the perfect time to chat with the man behind the funny.

Independent Philly: You are now a seasoned veteran but what was it  like getting into stand up comedy at such a young age? 

Aries Spears: It was a little bit of a challenge because I was too young to be in the clubs so my mother basically had to escort me in. Like anything else, the longer you do it, you learn the ropes and you become acclimated to your surroundings. 

Independent Philly: What advice would you give to a young comedian looking to break into the world on comedy in 2016? 

Aries Spears: Just keep in mind it’s a 15 round fight so you come out swinging and sometimes you kick some ass and sometimes you have to lay against the ropes and cover up. 

Independent Philly: Can you think of a joke that you’ve told that absolutely bombed? 

Aries Spears: You know that happens often, but once again, once you learn the ropes and learn the tricks of the trade you realize to sprinkle some of the new stuff in with some of the stuff that you know works. So, even when you bomb, you don’t like a complete moron who doesn’t know what they are doing. 


Independent Philly: You’re filming your new stand up special right here in Philly on August 27th at the legendary Trocadero. Without giving too much away, what are some of the topics you’ll be tackling? 

Aries Spears: Everything from race to politics to men & women’s relationships. I’m all over the place… sports. 

Independent Philly: You’re well known for doing celebrity impersonations. Have any celebs ever gotten really pissed off at you for your portrayal of them? 

Aries Spears: From what I’ve heard, Bobby Brown and DMX but we are talking about drug addicts, so what do you expect? 

Independent Philly: Let’s do some quick word association about celebrities. Just say the first word that comes to mind when I mention each one… Bill Cosby.

Aries Spears: Sad. 

Independent Philly: Donald Trump…

Aries Spears: Doo-Doo

Independent Philly: LeBron James…

Aries Spears: Envious. 

Independent Philly: A-Rod …

Aries Spears: Envious. 

Independent Philly: Barack Obama…

Aries Spears: Daddy. 

Independent Philly: What is your spirit animal? 

Aries Spears: Probably a bear. 

Independent Philly: If you were interviewing yourself, what question would you most want to ask?

Aries Spears: Are you really as bad as they think you are? 

Independent Philly: What would the answer be? 

Aries Spears: Of course not, I’m just really misunderstood. 

Independent Philly: We know you do a lot of charitable work. Would you like to plug any of your charities that you think could use some additional media attention? 

Aries Spears: Yes, my career. 

Independent Philly: Ok well hopefully we shine some extra light on that for you. 

Aries Spears: Thank you, I appreciate that. 


Independent Philly: If you turned into a Zombie, who is the first comedian you would eat for food?

Aries Spears: (Laughs) Oh man, you know, no matter who I say it’s going to come off like I’m being bitter or jealous… 

Independent Philly: …or maybe they just look extra tasty…

Aries Spears: (Laughs) Yeah I don’t know, I think I’d rather eat Donald Trump. 

Independent Philly: Fair enough, I think the World could certainly use that. Finally, please tell me something about yourself that would surprise or even shock our readers…

Aries Spears: When I am in a really good mood, I love to vacuum my rugs while listening to Candi Staton’s ‘Young Hearts Run Free’. 

Independent Philly: Excellent. What kind of vacuum cleaner do you use? 

Aries Spears: Whatever one works at the time, I have several. 

Independent Philly: Several? Living the dream. 

Aries Spears: Yes, Yes. 

[Interview by David Miller]

We can’t wait to catch Aries Spears at the Trocadero this Saturday! There are two shows, 7:30 PM and 10:00 PM (click showtimes to purchase tickets). Both shows are 18+ and are being filmed for his new stand up special. We’d love to have you in the building to laugh along with us so we are giving away 2 pairs of tickets to each show (2 winners per show).

To enter, fill out the form at the very bottom of this page with your full name (we’ll need it for will-call), email (make sure it’s one you check), age (winner and their guest must be 18+), which show you would prefer (7:30 or 10:00), and your favorite joke. Winners will be notified via email on Friday, August 26th at noon.

Now break out those vacuum cleaners and get your groove on:

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