Interview with Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe’s set at Moonrise Festival in August was one of our favorites that we heard all weekend (and there was some stiff competition). She’s rolling into Philly tonight (Friday, October 17th) for a show at Voyeur Nightclub and she took a few minutes to speak with us before her headlining set tonight.

Independent Philly: A lot of DJs opt to use monikers instead of their given name. If you had to pick a DJ moniker right now, what would you choose?

Anna Lunoe: It’s too late for me. I have no idea what moniker I would pick to have a different name for my DJ name. It’s a really tricky thing. I mean, it’s too hard to decide. That’s probably why I didn’t give myself a moniker.

IP: You really seem to rage against the idea of pigeon-holing yourself into one (or even several) genres while DJing. Why is it so important to you to incorporate so many styles into your sound?

AL: I think because it’s natural to me and also because trends change really quickly. I’ve been doing this for a minute and I see how things change and I never want to be in the unfortunate situation of being grouped in with a bunch of stuff that isn’t considered cool, or whatever. So I just like to kind of, cruise the way I cruise and do what makes me happy at the time. And also I have a pretty natural aversion against things that are cheesy. Art is a very subjective thing and some things just feel right to you because they feel fresh. Sometimes, when things become really popular, they’re not so fresh anymore, to you as an artist, and it doesn’t feel like a viable thing to represent. That’s just the way it works out.

IP: Can you tell us about any new music you’re currently working on?

AL: I just released my EP, the ‘All Out’ EP, and that was a big effort to get out, and I’ve been touring. Then there’s a bunch of music that’s been in the works for a while, that’s actually coming out now, and then I’ll start work on the next EP.

Anna Lunoe 2

IP: We know you did a lot of “crate digging” for music when you were a kid, what were some of the most rare tracks in your collection or the ones that hold the most personal value?

AL: I only started collecting vinyl when I was older. CDs were the thing when I was a kid. We had a record player but it was considered, I don’t know, but I didn’t collect records. I was just looking for things that I found interesting. I would look through the bargain bins and try to find stuff that other people had overlooked. That was just something that was exciting to me out of curiosity. It was everything from weird B-Sides, or movie soundtracks were a big way that I’d find cool stuff that other people couldn’t get, you know? It wasn’t overly exciting and I can’t think of anything by name but that was sort of the vibe that I was going for.

IP: We had a chance to catch you recently at Moonrise Festival in August and you’ll be returning to the area to play at Voyeur Nightclub in Philly this Friday. What can your fans expect from an Anna Lunoe show if they’ve never seen you in person before?

AL: I think a bit of shuffling genre wise; it could jump around a little bit. At the end of the day it’s always going to be something that, whether it’s really house orientated or whether it crosses over into bigger club tracks, there’s a wide spectrum of which way I could go. That really just depends on what I feel on that night or feel from the crowd. I would just say to come open minded; come expecting to hear some great club music.

IP: What’s the hardest part for you about having such a rigorous touring schedule?

AL: I’d say just not getting enough time to create stuff. And also just the general wear-and-tear of touring; I’ve been touring for a LONG time.

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IP: With the insane popularity of electronic music these days, it still seems like the talent pool for female DJs and producers is still lacking. Who are some other female DJs and producers (up-and-coming or established) that you really respect?

AL: That’s a great question. There are a lot of great women doing their thing. I am really into ‘Gina Turner’, ‘Louisahhh’ is great, there’s ‘J. Phlip’, ‘Hannah Wants’…these aren’t girls who are lesser known than me, they’re just great girls. I’m trying to think of some up-and-coming girls. I played with a great DJ in Montreal the other day, ‘DJ Shaydakiss’, who was great. I had ‘DJ Tourmaline’ warm up for me in Portland yesterday. I’m trying to think of some producers though. A girl from Canada sent me a great track the other day; I wish I could remember her name. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head right now.

IP: Hypothetical situation, you wake up in your hotel room the night after a show and there are two naked Elves and a Unicorn at the foot of your bed. What’s your first move?

AL: I have no answer to that question.

IP: Finally, can you tell us something about yourself that would surprise or even shock our readers…

AL: They might not know that I once worked in a hat shop where I had to sell old ladies straw hats, very, very expensive straw hats.

IP: What’s the most expensive hat you’ve ever sold?

AL: I think about $700.

IP: That’s everything. We’re looking forward to the show on Friday.

AL: Awesome, see you there!

Wanna join us at for Anna Lunoe at Voyeur? Snag tickets  by clicking on the flyer below:

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