Infected Mushroom at The TLA

We absolutely adore Infected Mushroom. Their live performance at Moonrise Festival in both 2014 & 2015 was one of the major highlights in each respective year. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to interview Infected Mushroom after they’d downed a few drinks, you can check out our interview from Moonrise 2015. We were thrilled to see them perform live yet again when they rolled into the TLA on January 8th as part of their ‘Evil Animatronica’  tour.


The show kicked off with local ‘Mojo Risin’ dropping some dark, down tempo original tracks. He did a great job of warming up the venue as a long line of people waited to get inside. We are really looking forward to hearing more of his productions in the near future.

DSC_1465 copy DSC_1449 copy

Up next was another local, ‘Get Up’, along with MC Buddy Leezle. Get Up also played all original tunes. His sound can be described as a hybrid between glitch-hop and dubstep with a sprinkling of weirdness just for good measure. One of the highlights of his set was his live MPC beat making that he closed out with. The crowd, which had grown considerably in size by the end of his set, went nuts.

DSC_1538 copy

DJ Knowledge took over from Get Up. I’ve known the man behind ‘Columns of Knowledge’ in Connecticut ever since the late 1990’s when I promoted his shows at a college student at UMASS. Knowledge again changed up the feel of the show, dropping more up-tempo, house music. His high energy sound really got the crowd moving as the venue continued to fill up on both floors.

DSC_1641 copy

We weren’t familiar with Midnight Tyrannosaurus prior to Friday night. While his set was enjoyable we didn’t find it be a good fit for the show. It was very aggressive  dubstep that would have fit much better at a Bass Nation show than sandwiched between Knowledge and Infected Mushroom. Some of the people we spoke to in the crowd shared our view that it was the wrong show for his set, while others seemed to enjoy the bass onslaught.

DSC_1806 copy DSC_1742 copy DSC_1772 copy

Finally, around midnight, the headliners hit the stage with their Evil Animatronica stage set-up that included several moving mushrooms with mean, robotic faces. Amit Duvdevani and
Erez Eisen take things to the next level with their live show. The duo, the most successful act to ever come out of Israel, really kick things up a notch with the addition of live drums, guitars, and vocals to supplement their sound.

DSC_1839 copy DSC_1816 copy DSC_1735 copy

Their 19 song set began with ‘Now is Gold’ & ‘I’m The Supervisor’ and kept the crowd moving from start to finish. We always enjoy their covers and when they dropped ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys it was a marquee moment. Add in the animated stage set, the redonk laser show, and fans packed in from the front of the pit to the back of the balcony, and you have all the right pieces for an amazing headlining performance.

DSC_1887 copy DSC_1880 copy

Their set was also streamed live by Yahoo! and Live Nation, allowing fans at home to catch the action as well. Of course there is no substitute for being in the building but it was certainly a nice added touch for anyone who couldn’t make it or wanted to relive it after the fact. You can catch the video right here.

DSC_1945 copy DSC_1964 copy

After wrapping up their set with ‘Special Place’, Infected Mushroom returned to the stage for a three song encore, finally closing out the show with ‘She Zoremet’. It was a fantastic evening of music and one we won’t soon forget.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by David Miller]

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You can view the full set list and additional photos below (click images to enlarge):


Now Is Gold
IM The Supervisor
Nerds on Mushrooms
Eat It Raw
Becoming Insane
Rise Up (Riot Remix)
U R So Fucked
Kipod (Riot Remix)
Vicious Delicious
Fields of Grey
Deeply Disturbed
Cities of the Future (With Meduzz Samples)
Where Do I Belong
Muse Breaks
Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
Bass Nipple
Who Is There
Special Place

Converting Vegetarians
She Zoremet

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