IDentity Festival: License to Rage in Camden

Large scale concert tours are one of the things we look forward to each summer. Summer of 2011 spawned IDentity Festival, the first traveling electronic music tour with an incredible line-up of DJs, live acts, and bands. On Friday, August 19th, ID Fest dropped on the Philadelphia region for a day long party at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ. The event was sponsored nationally by several brands (most notably Skull Candy, Rockstar Energy Drink, Dim Mak, and Advent) and locally by Art of Electronica.

While there are no shortage of major one-off electronic music events taking place all over the U.S., ID Fest is the first event to lock down so many top-notch artists to tour the country, bringing beats to the masses like never before. With three stages of music, all of which showcased acts we were excited to catch, there was a lot of moving about to be done, and many tough choices to make. Holy Ghost! or Datsik? Hercules & Love Affair, Chuckie, or Nervo? AVICII or LA Riots? These are the kind of decisions that are difficult at best, but it’s good to have so many quality options at any given hour.

ID Fest kicked off around 1pm but the venue remained fairly empty for the first few hours as many fans chose to spend a little extra time in the parking lots (or were stuck at work) before heading inside. Neon clothing was plentiful, as were hula-hoops, fuzzy backpacks, and knockoff Ray Ban sunglasses. Later, when the sun went down, the glowing gear came out; glow-sticks, light up toys, and flashing head-gear could be spotted pulsating through-out the venue.

The weather chose to cooperate for the first half of the day until Mother Nature decided to drop some of the loudest beats and brightest lights of the day on ID Fest. Sometime close to 7pm, the skies darkened drastically and lightning bolts spider-webbed across the sky, accompanied by booming claps of thunder. Did we mention the rain? Oh did it rain.

The weather managed to shut down the two outdoor stages much to our chagrin (and to others hoping to see such acts as DJ Shadow, White Shadow, and Steve Lawler, and RioT GeaR. One change was made to the line-up and Steve Aoki, who was scheduled to play the Rockstar/Dim Mak stage at 745pm, was moved inside to the main stage and played a set sandwiched between Kaskade and the Disco Biscuits. Perhaps celebrating his move indoors, Aoki sprayed champagne over the crowd several times before eventually diving from the stage, across the photo pit, and onto a sea of hands who caught him and surfed him around.

With so many talented performers it’s hard to say what the true highlights of the day were (as we honestly enjoyed everyone we had the chance to see, and didn’t have the chance to see everyone)… but here is what we considered to be our top 5 acts that we caught (in no particular order), followed by our 5 runners up, and acts we wish we hadn’t missed.

TOP 5:

Chuckie, AVICII, LA Riots, Booka Shade, and Steve Aoki


Kaskade, Disco Biscuits, Modeselektor, Hercules & Love Affair, and Nero


Nervo, Datsik, The Crystal Method, DJ Shadow, and Steve Lawler

After over 10 hours at the ID Festival, we packed our gear and left as the Disco Biscuits continued to rock fans on the main stage just before 1am. Overall it was a great day. We would have loved to see the rain hold off long enough to let all the acts get their time to shine, but thankfully we got several hours of sunshine before the outdoor stages were shut down. Even though the rain tapered off sometime after 9pm, the outdoor stages did not re-open.

We met some great people, we heard some amazing music, and we conducted several interviews with the likes of Modeselektor, Nero, Nervo, Disco Biscuits, and Chuckie. These video interviews are being processed and give you a glimpse as to what goes on behind the scenes and in the the heads of some of the ID Festivals brightest stars! Be sure to check back in a few days to catch them! In the meantime, you can view our full photo gallery from ID Festival below.



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