ID Festival 2012: New Venue, New Sounds, Same Old Good Time

We rolled into the venue at around 430pm due to an overload of traffic on I-76. It seemed as though everyone was heading to Identity Festival at Festival Pier on Penn’s Landing on July 29, 2012.

Although the weather was just a tad below scorching, Noisia had no problem getting the crowd roaring and singing along as the duo dropped the ever-popular “Raise Your Weapon” as their opener on the Rockstar Energy Stage.

As Noisia ended, many people headed into the tent where the venue had laid out its vendor tents/tables and people could cool off and collect themselves (or grab a brew from the central bar inside).

Twenty-two year old producer/remixer/DJ, Arty, was nothing short of phenomenal. Although dropping more Electro House than the original genre that brought him into the scene (Trance) fans were still extremely pleased. In the words of many, “He killed it.”

Next, we positioned ourselves right behind the pair known as Showtek. The Dutch hard dance act teamed up to unleash havoc on the fans using straight CDs (no DJ software) while his hype-man brother blasted a handheld cryo-gun into the crowd. Even though show goers expected more hard-style tracks from the group, Showtek did not have a problem getting them moving.

We then traveled back over to the main stage sponsored by iHome, to prepare ourselves for music prodigy, eighteen-year-old Madeon. The electro pop producer knows how to please. Using DJ tricks including holding drops until the next beat, and using his electrifying remixes, this youngster knows how to throw down.

Back at the Rockstar stage, headliner Excision was about to begin. We noticed an overload of bouncers in front of the crowd between them and the stage. We asked what the deal was because there hadn’t been nearly as many during previous acts. It turns out, Excision had asked for 8 bouncers to hold down the fans, and they decided to throw 12 in there. This confused us, but maybe it was the heart pounding, bone shaking bass, Excision’s signature sound, rattling our brains.

We’ve never heard music that loud in our lives; even earplugs could barely withstand it. Out of nowhere, the heavy bass music producer dropped a hardstyle tune in the mix, forcing the ground to shake even more due to the style of dance fans use for this specific genre of EDM.

Security was super tight during Eric Prydz, but that didn’t stop us from getting close to his side during his multi-genre set. As the night ended on Festival Pier, Prydz held down the fort, dropping all sorts of tunes to keep the fans happy. He really has come a long way since his single “Call on me,” getting more ‘filthy’ as the scene likes to say. It was joy all around and certainly a beautiful experience to end the day.

Then it was off to LiT Ultra Bar for the after party. Decibels Vol. 3 was presented by Art of Electronica and the show featured David Vaux, SRG, Love City DJs, & Dubsef.

[story by Mik Polli, photo credit: Steve Garfinkel]

You can view a full photo gallery of ID Fest 2012 below:

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