Hudson Music Project 2014

In the midst of 2014, one of the busiest festival seasons we’ve ever had, comes the inaugural Hudson Music Project in Saugerties, New York from July 11-13th. MCP Presents seems to be filling the Camp Bisco-sized gap with this brand new experience hosted at none other than Winston Farm, the same location of the 1994 Woodstock festival. Similar to Camp Bisco, this event will feature a variety of genres ranging from electronic to hip-hop to indie rock.

Accompanying the most popular names such as Bassnectar, The Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, and Kendrick Lamar, Hudson Music Project is bringing some incredibly unique sounds. For ambient and trip-hop, be sure not to miss Tipper, a British composer and producer. He is a specialist in his genre and a master of originality. Bonobo’s live set will share Tipper’s trip-hop-esque sound while Emancipator will share both Tipper and Bonobo’s ambiance and is sure to epitomize the beauty of nature with his calming, earthy sound. On the other end of the spectrum, there is an extravagant amount of funky, glitchy, electronic music present at Hudson. Kill Paris is a talented Indiana-born producer and a must-see “future funk” act with glitch-hop undertones. Funk super-group Lettuce will surely blow the crowds away while Gramatik’s new. spacey, soulful, live electronic band under the name Exmag will give funk a new name. Included in the must-see electronic funk acts are also Griz and Big Gigantic who both incorporate their saxophone talent into their live acts. There are so many acts we are excited to see, we can’t possibly name them all (okay, we could but we’ll just post the full line-up below).

hudson music project

In addition to the music, there will be an “art village” filled with interactive art exhibitions, regional arts and craft vendors, and Hudson Valley-area craft beer and gourmet food vendors. Hudson Music Project has also enlisted the help of waste diversion experts Clean Vibes to ensure the cleanliness of Winston Farm during our stay. Clean Vibes is incorporating their trading post which rewards attendees for recycling and picking up trash around the venue. Cans, bottles and trash will become somewhat of a currency at the Clean Vibes Trading Post, where trash can be “cashed in” for points and points can be traded for earth-friendly health and beauty products, sunscreen and even autographed band merchandise, and food vendor vouchers.

The Hudson Music Project, although brand new, is more than likely going to be one of the best festivals to attend this summer. From the music and art installations, to the food and drink vendors, and even the cleanup crew, this festival is sure to bring an incredible amount of happiness and friendship during its three-day stay at Winston Farm.

[Article by Jo Taylor]

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