Home Grown Showcases Local DJ Talent at Soundgarden Hall

Philly has a become quite a hot bed of EDM activity over the past two years. With our city now a destination for the biggest DJs in the world, there seems to be a non-stop wave of events from week to week.


The job of opening for these touring superstar DJs has fallen squarely on the shoulders of local Philly DJs who have stepped up to the plate to warm up crowds and dance floors across Philadelphia.


While their roots may be local, their talent is not just recognized here at home. Many of them have played venues and festivals outside of Philly in addition to getting some national (and international) buzz with their production.


On Saturday, May 18th, six of them were given the chance to not just warm up the decks at Soundgarden Hall, but to play the headlining slots as well. Two DJs each from Actual Records, House of Hearts, and Jump Up were selected and with a little promo help from yours truly, the event, aptly titled Home Grown, was born.

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The evening got off to a bit of a slow start. Perhaps due to the rainy weather outside, fans were a little late to show up to the venue. Although there weren’t many people on hand for the earlier sets in the evening from DJ Drift and Speaker For The Dead, both DJs did their thing, ensuring that those who were in attendance had plenty of great tunes to get down to.

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The middle two sets of the evening were given to Johnny V & Mojo Risin. It was during this time period that the most people showed up and filled in much of the dance floor nicely. Both Johnny V and Mojo Risin played a wide range of music, ignoring the restraints of this or that genre, opting to just play tracks that you could shake your ass to. As such, they were very well received by the crowd.

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Up next was Victor Niglio whose remixes and original productions have been getting serious play from some of EDM’s biggest names, as well as on XM radio. Dawning a pair of shades that bore his name, Niglio took the stage to a loud roar of cheers from his fans, friends, and family (including his grand-parents). His set was the most wild the venue got all night long and it’s easy to see why Philly can’t contain this DJ/Producer on the rise.

DSC_6036_h DSC_6053_h

The final set of the night was given to Jack Deezl who has really impressed  us at recent shows with his on point original production. His sound was the perfect way to close out the night and put the icing on the local showcase cake.


We hope that when the next Home Grown event is announced that Philadelphians will circle the date on their calendars and come out to support the locals who have helped make our city’s EDM scene a vibrant one once again.

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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