Holy Ghost & Cut Copy Rock The Troc

It’s said that March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb. This could not have been further from the truth on Thursday night as Holy Ghost! and Cut Copy closed out the final night of March with a sold-out show at the legendary Trocadero in Philadelphia.

Holy Ghost!
Holy Ghost!
Holy Ghost!

We cover a ton of concerts here at Independent Philly and while we thoroughly enjoy the vast majority of them, there are certainly some that truly stand head and shoulders above the rest. Last night was one of those shows. We’re not kidding. This just might have been the show of the year so far in 2011 here in Philly (and there have been a lot of good shows).

Holy Ghost!
Crowd Shot

We’d been looking forward to this one for a while. Both bands have been dropping tasty new tracks, videos, and remixes for the past several weeks (and months) and with everyone we checked out it became a little harder to wait for March 31st to arrive.

Holy Ghost opened the show but they are far from you typical opening act. They could easily be headlining their own shows with their high-energy style and tunes that almost force you to get up and dance. If you caught our interview with Alex Frankel of Holy Ghost! last week then you already know that their self-titled album will be released later this month. You’d pretty much have to be an April fool to not add it to your collection. These guys were a great way to kick off the night. We wish they’d played an even longer set.

After Holy Ghost! left the stage, fans flocked to the outdoor smoking area for cigarettes (which got so crowded that a line formed to get outside because they could only let out so many people into the area at once) or went to the second floor to try to get a drink from the crowded bar. The D.J.’s from Making Time provided some beats to keep the energy level inside the venue from dropping too low.

Cut Copy took the stage just before 9:30pm and started a set that we never wanted to end. The lights were an Epileptic nightmare. The music an electro-pop dream come true. They pumped up the crowd repeatedly synchronizing hand clapping and jumping (“on the count of three, 1…2…3!”). They played some fan favorites as well as some tunes from their brand new album “Zonoscope”.

Just when you thought the show couldn’t get any better they lit up their digital door in the middle of the stage which was stunning. The crowd went crazy. We joined in.

After an hour they left the stage but returned for a two-song encore. We would have been happy with a 20 song encore. We didn’t want the show to end.

The two bands now head to NYC to join LCD Soundsystem as they play at MSG in their final shows (ever). From there Holy Ghost! and Cut Copy continue to tour the U.S. playing for sold out crowd after sold out crowd. If you can find yourself a golden ticket, then Charile my boy, do it!

For an expanded PHOTO GALLERY of the show CLICK HERE

If you didn’t attend the show last night check out the video clips below for a small sample of what you missed. Or, if you were there, here’s your chance to relive a few moments.

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