Hemp Heals Music Festival Cultivates Great Tunes and Open Minds

The seed for the Hemp Heals Music Festival was planted by formed Philadelphia Flyer Riley Cote and his Hemp Heals Foundation. With support from Live Nation, the Festival brought together vendors, speakers, organizations, bands, and fans to the Festival Pier on Penn’s Landing on Saturday, August 25th.

The music portion of the Hemp Heals Music Festival was headlined by Sublime with Rome with support from Cypress Hill, Pepper, and Bong Hits for Jesus.

The mission of the festival was to promote healthy, eco-friendly living, holistic healing, and to teach the separation between industrial hemp and other uses of the cannabis plant.

We had the opportunity to speak with various organizations and vendors who had all come together for the day to support the cause.

Philly NORML was on hand to drive up support for marijuana law reform by accepting donations and distributing information about their cause.

Manitoba Harvest made the trek from Canada to be a part of the festival. Their company produces hemp foods and oils. The samples of their raw shelled hemp seeds that we sampled were delicious! In addition, they are higher in protein, Omega-3 & 6, and lower in carbs than Flax or Chia.

Capital Hemp traveled from Washington D.C. in their brightly colored Chevy van to display and sell their hemp clothing and accessories.

Dr. Bronner’s produces organic, fair-trade soaps that use hemp oil. We haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but it certainly smells nice.

While we enjoyed speaking with so many interesting folks from D.C. to Canada, it was the music that really made the day.

Pepper put on a great set. Their brand of rock infused with reggae and dub is truly unique and had fans cheering and dancing from start to finishing.

Cypress Hill was up next and we were thrilled to see the pro-pot hip-hoppers drop numerous fan favorites on the crowd. It’s clear that B Real, Sen Dog, and crew still have it. It was hard to resist singing along to classic jams like “Hits From The Bong”.

Finally, the headliners, Sublime with Rome, took the stage just before 9pm opening with “Smoke Two Joints”. While the voice of original lead-singer Bradley Nowell can never be fully duplicated, Rome comes pretty damn close. Sublime with Rome rolled out several classic Sublime tunes and even a sweet Nirvana cover.

After leaving the stage briefly, they returned for a quick encore which featured two of our favorite Sublime with Rome tracks, “Santeria” and “What I Got”.

You can view a full photo gallery below:

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