Heineken Red Star Access Tour Gets Electric Factory Hip-Hopping

The Heineken Red Star Access tour decked out the Electric Factory on Saturday, October 13th with full blown experience to wow the five senses.

The private event took place from 4-8pm and those lucky enough to be in attendance were treated to free Heineken and a variety of tasty food items. There were also interactive game and mixing stations, branded Heineken clothing items (from New Era, Black Apple, Rocksmith and Diamond Supply), and an all-star hip-hop show featuring a DJ set by Q-Tip, and performances by Wale and Nas.

Fans arrived early to make the most of the four hour event. Show host, comedian Affion Crockett, got the crowd warmed up before Wale took the stage to a roar of cheers. He rocked the mic with numerous crowd favorites and right when the packed venue had reached a fever pitch, Wale kicked it up a notch by bringing out Philly’s own Freeway to perform with him. The place went nuts.

Q-Tip then took over on the decks again, dropping hip-hop favorites (including several Tribe Called Quest jams) that had everyone in the crowd singing along. At one point he teased the crowd saying, “Wouldn’t it be be sick if Phife & Ali were backstage and they came out and we had an impromptu Tribe show? The crowd went nuts with anticipation but it was not to be.

After a short delay, Nas hit the stage and like Wale, played fan favorites from his large catalog of songs which kept the Electric Factory bumping until it was time for everyone to head back to reality. It’s not every day you get treated to a show like that for free.

You can view an expanded photo gallery below:

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