GTA and the Twurkaholics Crew Bend Genres and Blow Minds at Soundgarden Hall

Philadelphia witnessed the return of the monthly “Twurkaholics” party at Soundgarden Hall on Friday May 17th. Given the turnout of 1600 people,  Philly is already wishing the next show was upon us. Twurkaholics, presented by Actual Records, showcased a wide range of talent with six local DJs, as well as the headliners of the night, GTA.


We were excited as soon as we heard that GTA was coming to Philly.  The Miami based duo have proven that genres are meant to be crossed, producing numerous tracks that combine trap music, moombahton, bass, house, and beyond.  Their music has been released on labels such as Diplo’s “Mad Decent”, Laidback Luke’s “Mixmash”, and A-Traks “Fool’s Gold Records”.  In Philadelphia, where the music scene is ripe with local talent, the six opening acts reminded us just how spoiled we see such talented DJs as often as we do.


When we arrived at Soundgarden, there was a line around the corner of the venue, and inside, the place was packed.  Love City DJs had just taken the stage and was playing to at least 1000 people in the audience.


As always, LCD put down an incredible set that was worthy of headliner status and was filled with energy.  It’s not every night where the venue will be packed to the gills for the opening acts of the night, but then again, not every city has the incredible local talent that Philly has, and not every party draws out the fans like Twurkaholics.


Up next for the night was another local DJ, Ethan Dubb, along with arguably the best hype man in the Philly area, Buddy Leezle.  By the time Ethan Dubb and Buddy Leezle hit the stage, the crowd had just about reached its peak at around 1,600 sweaty, neon clad people.


In typical Twurkaholics fashion, inflatable objects such as a crocodile were thrown out to the crowd and a grumpy cat came out onto the stage surrounded by the dancers at Soundgarden.


It wouldn’t be a true Twurkaholics show without an appearance from the Party Owl.


But even more importantly, there was a visit from the Kool Aid man, who came running through a paper banner strung between the two pillars on the stage…Oh yeahhh!


 Although Ethan Dub and Buddy Lezzle had the crowd going nuts, it was clear everyone still had plenty of energy left, and before we knew it, GTA was set to hit the decks…


GTA came out and proved just how unconfined their sound is, playing a set that had a combination of just about every genre we could imagine.  With the crowd on a seemingly Kool Aid fueled sugar high, GTA gave the audience song after song that had everyone going bananas.


Before we knew it, it was time for Independent Philly and the rest of the crazed crowd to head home. It was another fun filled evening at what has clearly become one of the biggest parties in Philadelphia. If you want to attend the next Twurkaholics event, we highly suggest picking up advanced tickets as these shows often leave no walk-up tickets for those who wait til the last minute.


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[Photo Credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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