Grouplove at The Fillmore

It was a brisk evening in Fishtown on November 1st for Grouplove’s show at the Fillmore, and if you missed it then SHAME ON YOU! Band member Daniel Gleason, who we interviewed back in October, warned us that they were going to bring a ton of energy to the stage, and they certainly delivered.


‘Dilley Dalley’ opened up the show with a few originals and an interesting cover of Drake’s ‘Know Yourself’.


‘Muna’ was up next. They started off slow, but the dark pop group gained some momentum with singer Katie Gavin dancing around stage stirring up vibes. Muna managed to gain the crowd’s participation with hands in the air by the time they dropped their last song ‘Loudspeaker’.

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Grouplove came jumping out onto stage with flickering black and white lights in the background. The vibes in the room escalated from zero to a hundred in a matter of seconds as the band hit the audience with an adrenaline needle right in the heart from the get go. The first song they played in their wonderfully crafted set list was ‘I’m With You’, which immediately captivated the audience with the hook. Christian Zucconi playfully chased his wife Hannah Hooper around with a cat mask for the next song ‘Good Morning’, before diving into a hand clapping crowd favorite ‘Itchin’ On a Photograph’. While riding the wave of energy that built with each song, Christian screamed his lyrics backed by thundering grooves and quirky synth lines. Grouplove is a master of the fast-paced and dance inspiring choruses with songs like ‘Tongue Tied’ and ‘Do You Love Someone’. Their ability to keep songs interesting with twists and turns really holds the audience’s attention and showcases how well they have refined their craft.

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Things took a fun turn with a cover of ‘Sabotage’ by the Beastie Boys. Christian and Hannah both started rapping while Ryan Rabin, Daniel Gleason, and Andrew Wessen backed the well known anthem. Christian Leaped into the crowd as fans arms engulfed him. He buoyed back up the surface while still rapping each line flawlessly. Hannah followed, and together they crowd surfed before rapping the final lines from the pit. Next, Hannah took the mic and spoke out about how stress affects everybody saying, “Bad shit happens to people everyday so on the count of three everybody scream and just let it out.” This energized everyone for the last song of the set ‘Welcome to Your Life’.

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The band returned for an encore as black and white lights twinkled for Christian’s solo acoustic song ‘Enlighten Me’ before being joined by the rest of the band. In the middle of the encore, some on-stage banter between Dan and Christian occurred, talking about what show they just watched on Netflix. Their conversation lead into ‘Beans on Pizza’ of which Hannah said “That song’s about ACID, don’t do it”. While finishing the encore with ‘Ways to Go’, Christian gave a shout out to another popular Fishtown venue, saying, “Philly, we really needed this, thank you. We were walking around and saw Johnny Brenda’s where we played five years ago. Now we are at this beautiful place. We love you.” They ended a spectacular show on a great note with ‘Colours’. We adored Grouplove’s performance and can’t wait to see them back in Philly soon!

[Photo credit: Michael Green]

[Article by Conor Green]

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You can view the entire set list and additional photos below (click images to enlarge):

Set List:
I’m With You
Good Morning
Itchin’ on a Photograph
Heart of Mine
Tongue Tied
Let Me In
Do You Love Someone
Shark Attack
Hippy Hill
Borderlines and Aliens
Sabotage (Beastie Boys cover)
Welcome to Your Life
Enlighten Me
Bojack Horseman Theme
Beans on Pizza
Ways To Go

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