GRiZ, Pegboard Nerds, and The Floozies at the TLA

GRiZ hit the Theater of the Living Arts on Friday, November 8th, for a sold-out show as part of his ‘Rebel Era’ tour. The show featured support from Pegboard Nerds and The Floozies.


When we arrived at the TLA the Floozies had just wrapped up their performance and Pegboard Nerds were behind the decks supplying the crowd with some of their great bass filled remixes.  While we were only able to catch the very end of The Floozies performance, we heard people raving about them in the crowd and on social media after the event.


Pegboard Nerds threw down a pretty great set, however, it did seem that some people who had come to the show specifically for GRiZ did not know what to make of their bass fueled music.  Many GRiZ specific fans appeared either restless as they waited for Pegboard Nerds to finish their set, or were simply not a fan of the genre of music the openers were playing.


Although nothing like that of GRiZ, Pegboard Nerds are heavy hitters in their own right. The duo has remixed songs by the likes of Krewella and Skrillex, and have a slew of their own tracks to choose from. Pegboard Nerds skills should not be questioned, and although some may think that they were not the best fit for a GRiZ show, we thought that they did a good job based on their execution.  Pegboard Nerds provided something totally different from GRiZ, and it was nice to see an opener that didn’t just play tracks we would later hear from the headliner.


The crowd gave Pegboard Nerds a loud ovation following their set as a projector curtain came down on the stage and a brief intermission began.  We could feel the excitement of the crowd as the anticipation grew for the start of GRiZ’s performance.


As soon as the clock hit midnight the curtain rose and the lights in venue went off.  GRiZ emerged on stage, Saxophone in hand, and we could tell we were in for a treat as the stage lit up to show the high production value that accompanied GRiZ on this tour.



We have been fans of GRiZ for a long time now.  We last saw GRiZ when he opened for Bassnectar at the Electric Factory, but it was great to see the man out on tour as the headliner.  From the moment GRiZ walked on stage and the crowd heard the first riff of the saxophone we knew that we were in for an incredible journey through his musical arsenal.



Whether it was a remix to Pretty Lights or Jay-Z, one of Griz’s own original tracks, or a own rendition to classic hit songs such as “Low Rider” and “Shout!”, there was not a song we did not enjoy. Overall, GRiZ put on an absolutely amazing performance.  Even though GRiZ is a one man band, we enjoyed his show almost as much as Pretty Light’s show with his full band.


What we loved the most about GRiZ’s performance was his ability to seamlessly fuse genres together and produce original sounding music that you know you will not be able to hear anywhere else.  We can’t wait to have the chance to catch GRiZ again and we hope to have him back in Philly very soon.

[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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