Griz & Big Wild at The Fillmore

The gorgeous Fillmore Philly was the spot to be this past Wednesday evening for a sea of funkheads coming from far and wide to catch the funkmaster himself GRiZ, alongside fellow groovemasters Muzzy Bear and Big Wild. Considering this was GRiZ’s first stop in Philadelphia in almost 2 years and both Muzzy Bear and Big Wild’s first ever appearances in the City of Brotherly Love, the show was nothing short of highly anticipated. Scanning through the crowd upon arrival yielded sights of Bassdrops (the symbol of bass-god Bassnectar), snapbacks riddled with pins, pashmina scarves, and an abundance of smiles.

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After arriving towards the end of Muzzy Bear’s far out opening set, Big Wild took the stage soon after to an impressive reception from the crowd. Wielding a pair of trusty drumsticks, Big Wild dove into what we can only label as one of the dopest opening live performances we have seen to date. Throwing down an assortment of beats that got the entire Fillmore bouncing, Big Wild wasted no time running through his majorly successful hits such as his “For The Love” remix of the man himself GRiZ, the “Show Me Love” remix which has almost 400K plays on Soundcloud, and the perfect blend of improvised drum patterns and groovy synths. Big Wild couldn’t disappoint if he tried, and the room full of genuine lovers of music at the Fillmore had nothing but appreciation and respect for his change of pace and unique musical character.

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The man of the hour stepped up to the decks around 11:20 to an eruption of cheers from the crowd of thousands ready to get the funk down. GRiZ immediately dove into an insane set filled with oldies, goodies, newbies and everything in between. From “Hard Times” and “A Fine Way To Die” to “Gettin’ Live” and “Good Times Roll,” GRiZ knows what the funk he’s doing.

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Heads were bobbing out of control as the Fillmore continuously heated up, getting hotter and hotter and GRiZ blew through his almost two-hour long set of sheer musicianship. As the night wrapped up and the crowd begged for more, GRiZ knew what needed to be done. What better song to close off the night than Flux Pavilion’s anthem of a remix of Skrillex’s “Recess.” Every soul in the venue screaming out the lyrics perfectly summed up the pure sense of unity that emanated throughout the crowd all night long. At the end of the night, we can say that we highly anticipate Big Wild to only grow bigger in the music community in coming time, and for GRiZ to simply continue being GRiZ, and putting on shows of the highest caliber for time to come.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by Dylan Long]

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