Green Velvet Transforms Whisper into La La Land.

House-Heads were treated to a full night of superb music on Thursday night at Whisper.

The event, presented by ROC and Element Events (with a nice assist from Decibel Records and Promotions) featured sets from locals Adrock and Robbie Tronco. In addition, there was a live performance by Miami’s Afrobeta, and a headlining set from house music legend Green Velvet.

This night was truly about the music. The opening sets were the perfect appetizer to the main course.

By the time Afrobeta took to the stage (actually the elevated VIP area behind the DJ booth) the place was already bumping. Let us simply say that Afrobeta killed it. In fact they killed it, brought it back to life, and killed it again. There is nothing quite like a well executed live performance.

Smurphio and his salt-and-pepper Afro laid down some sweet basslines intertwined with his funky synthesizer melodies. Not to be outdone, Cuci Amador (who made her entrance waiving a flag on the main floor) moved from the stage area, to the tops of speakers down below, and back again. The entire time pumping out her sharp tongued lyrics.

Speaking to Cuci after Afrobeta’s performance, she was thrilled to have had the chance to play the show and loved the energy of the crowd.

Just after midnight it was time for Green Velvet. Rocking his signature neon green mo-hawk and a pair of welder’s sunglasses, the maestro took fans on a journey to house heaven with key stops at some of his biggest hits including Shake & Pop, La La Land, and Flash.

The cameras flashed, the dancers shook and popped, and the next few hours were pure ecstasy. EDM shows are a dime a dozen these days and it really takes a special event to stand out from the rest. This is a night that we, and the rest of Philadelphia, won’t soon forget.

Check out the expanded photo gallery and some video of the event below:

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