Golf Clap at Trilogy Nightclub

August began on a high-note here in Philly. One of our favorite acts from Detroit, house-music duo, ‘Golf Clap’, was in town to headline a new party at Trilogy Nightclub. The 21+ event, presented by ‘Pop Up Groove’, encouraged party-goers to come dressed in golf or country club inspired outfits and featured two-floors of music, golf themed decor, Wii golf on a projection TV, and video mapping by Akari Imaging.

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The doors opened just after 10pm with Johhny V (one half of Pop Up Groove) getting the music started on the lower level. We’ve heard Johhny V drop some fantastic sets in recent weeks and this one was no exception. It was groovy with just enough tech-house to spice things up.

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One of the themed ‘Golf Holes’ at the event encouraged fans to snap a photo with Johnny V and we saw several people do this during his set. Meanwhile, it was duo, Maggs Bruchez, that got things started upstairs although the majority of those who showed up early remained downstairs.

DSC_3523 copy DSC_3533 copy DSC_3597 copy

Tommy Hogunz took over for Johnny V downstairs while the other half of Pop Up Groove, Sammy Slade, took over the decks on the second level. By this point the crowd had grown significantly in size and people were getting down on both levels. There was plenty of room to dance but neither floor felt empty. We loved several of the golf-inspired outfits that those in attendance were rocking, including those worn by Golf Clap who showed up early to have some drinks, check out the venue, and schmooze with the crowd.

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When Golf Clap took over the decks on the upper floor, most of the crowd made its way upstairs but a few stragglers continued to get down on the lower level. The duo of Bryan Jones & Hugh Cleal, who we last caught in Philly in the Summer of 2013, were even more on point than the last go-round. They had everyone getting down on the dance floor; their set was a bonafide hole-in-one. Salvo closed things out on the lower level but admittedly we weren’t able to tear ourselves away from Golf Clap for more than a minute or two to check his set out.

DSC_3593 copy DSC_3642 copy DSC_3624 copy DSC_3638 copy DSC_3655 copy DSC_3628 copy

The event, which didn’t end until 330am, was a well thought out themed party that had all of the right elements to make Pop Up Groove a success. We put our hands together for a nice round of applause for the promoters, supporting cast, and of course, Golf Clap. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next Pop Up Groove event.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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