Glow Garden Casts New Light on Tiberino Museum

The Tiberino Museum Garden Courtyard is one of the hidden gems of Philadelphia. Located in West Philadelphia, the courtyard is a large common area behind the museum. It is decorated with sculptures, 3D murals, a small stage, and a slew of other art.

On Saturday, May 19th, Funtown Productions/Bodypaint.Me and Psy-Fi Productions decided to cast some new light on the courtyard, black light.

The event, called Glow Garden, was a showcase of body painting, performance art, aerialists, glow hoopers, dancers, and special garden illuminations by JK Concepts.

The courtyard was transformed into a mystical land of glowing bubbles, fairies, and sick jungle beats produced by Mr. Manic, Agent Zero, Redhat, Golden Spiral, and CounterVulture.

We hope this is just the first of many Glow Garden events at the Tiberino. Those who weren’t there, certainly missed out. Those who were, are as excited for the next one as we are.

[photo credits: Steve Garfinkel]

You can view our full photo gallery below. We also suggest you check out the photos from our good friend Joe Norris!



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