Gemini and KOAN Sound Dubstep It Up at Union Transfer

Union Transfer has quickly become a go-to venue for the latest bands, and Thursday night it was
transformed into a nightclub. UK artists Gemini and KOAN Sound took to the stage to kick off
their thirty-three city North American tour. The artists have been riding high on the success of
the UKF Dubstep YouTube channel in the UK and brought their sounds to the US.

With a warmed up crowd, Thomas Slinger, performing under the moniker Gemini, took control
of a cheering crowd. With the bass thumping and the crowd jumping, Gemini created an aural
atmosphere that kept very few on the sidelines and, at one point, couldn’t even keep them on the floor (as two dozen
audience members started popping up on stage to join the hyped up musician).

Gemini has a new EP, Fire Inside, coming out at the end of the month.

Working everyone into a frenzy, KOAN Sound took over and brought it with their glitch
brand of Dubstep, with synth derived beats, as found on the recent Skrillex release Funk Blaster
EP. The orgasmic bass created by Jim Bastow and Will Weeks guaranteed the duo a number of new

Several people in the audience told Independent Philly that they’d never been to any dubstep event before,
but had found their new favorite genre.

[Article by MK, photo credits: AJ Kinney]

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