Galactic & The Revivalists at The Electric Factory

Thursday, March 26th was a funky one here in Philadelphia. That’s because one of my favorite bands, ‘Galactic’, was in town from New Orleans to deliver an Electric Factory sized dose of funk. Every single time I get to see Galactic it’s a memorable night and this was no exception. The fact that they rotate vocalists from tour to tour (and sometimes show to show) helps keep things even more fresh than traditional bands.

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The show kicked off with an opening set from ‘The Revivalists’, another funk outfit hailing from NOLA. We (I had a small crew of friends also attending the show) arrived part way through The Revivalists set and thoroughly enjoyed their stuff. However, we weren’t fully prepared for them to make things extra interesting by capping off their performance with a medley of two great ‘Rage Against The Machine’ songs, ‘Killing in the Name’ and ‘Bulls on Parade’. I almost always enjoy a good cover song but seeing a funk band do a stellar rendition of some classic Rage jams was next level.

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After about a 25 minute break, Galactic hit the stage with Saxophone player Ben Ellman welcoming the Philly faithful to the show. Currently touring with vocalist Erica Falls, Galactic funked us up with several of my favorite tracks including ‘Hard Times’, ‘Sugar Doosie’, ‘Right On’, ‘Rock Steady’ and ‘Does It Really Make a Difference’.

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I have a special place in my heart for the sound of N’awlins funk and, admittedly, it is my (not-so-secret) life goal to learn to play the Trombone even one tenth as well as NOLA legends like Corey Henry (pictured below) or Trombone Shorty. My friends always laugh at me when I tell them that certain songs give me “a raging tromboner”, but I don’t know how else to communicate my love for the instrument.

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Falls vocals were stellar and really helped Galactic’s songs pop off stage and float throughout the venue. All of the musicians were on top of their game on Thursday night and I loved every minute of their set.

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After a brief exit, they returned to the stage with David Shaw (The Revivalists vocalist) to rock the crowd with an exceptional cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘All Along The Watchtower’. It was a fantastic ending to a A+ performance and I only wish that Galactic’s shows in Philly could be a weekly occurrence.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

[Article by David Miller]

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You can view the full set list and an expanded photo gallery below (click images to enlarge):


Blackbird special
Higher and Higher (erica)
Hard Times (erica)
Theme de YOYO (erica)
Sugar Doosie
balkan wedding
Right On (erica)
Heart of Steel (erica)
technocheck collision
Long live the Borgne
Rock Steady (erica)
Does it really make a difference (erica)
Baker’s dozen
Hey Na Na (erica and shaw)
Dolla Diva (erica and shaw)
All Along the Watchtower (shaw)
Into the Deep (erica)
I can’t stand the rain (erica)

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