G. Love & Special Sauce at The Fillmore

Saturday, March 26th marked another successful performance for Philly hometown heroes ‘G. Love & Special Sauce’. Playing to a packed house at the Fillmore, this Blues-Rock outfit got the crowd moving with new material off of their October 2015 release ‘Love Saves the Day’, the latest album in a career that spans more than two decades.

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G. Love & Special Sauce, consisting of front-man G. Love (Garrett Dutton), bassist Jimi Jazz (Jim Prescott) and drummer Houseman (Jeffrey Clemens), followed great opening sets by ‘The Bones of J.R. Jones’ and ‘Ripe’. Sadly we missed The Bones, but Ripe’s high energy set and wailing brass section really amped up the crowd for a great headlining act.

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G. Love played a full set, taking advantage of the opportunity to show off some of his signature harmonica on songs like “Dis Song” and “Lil’ Run Around.” The seamless transitions between songs, assisted by some raucous drum solos by Houseman, kept the vibe alive in the cavernous space below the blue glow of the Fillmore’s chandeliers.

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We love it every time G. Love returns to Philly for a hometown show and we hope to see him back in town very soon.

[Photo credit: Nicholas James Piser]

[Article by Andrew Keener]

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