Full Tilt Tour at Soundgarden Hall with Bare, Tittsworth, and Ookay

The Full Tilt Tour, consisting of the trio Ookay, Tittsworth, and Bare, rolled into Soundgarden Hall on Friday, October 11th.

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After some nasty weather earlier in the day, Mother Nature decided to cooperate later in the evening and the rain stopped. It was time to go full tilt.

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The night kicked off with an opening set by DJ Ruxbin. The dude behind Actual Records and Twurkaholics is a renaissance man behind the decks, opting to rock the vinyl in an age where digital has become the norm. His eclectic sets have become some of our favorites as you never know what random, fantastic track he will drop next, from 80’s tunes to a brand new trap jaun.

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Up next was Architekt, who delighted the fans in attendance with a slew of bangers including a brand new track called ‘Maul’ that he produced with Jack Deezl. We predict that you’ll be hearing this song early and often in the near future.

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Cosenza, the newest addition to Jump Up was up next and dropped several of his own ‘retwerks’ as well as ‘Jiggy’ the new joint from label mate Victor Niglio (who was also in attendance).

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Once the locals had their chance to warm up the crowd, which was still rather sparse at this point, the Full Tilt Tour got under way. Ookay was up first and hit the ground running with a selection of songs that pretty much had one thing in common: they were designed to make you dance. He also decided to enjoy a pizza during his set, confirming our theory that pizza is the most important meal of the day.

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From one track to the next it was hard to tell what he was going to cue up next, keeping fans on their toes. He finished his set with a remix of ‘Tequila’ which still invokes images of Pee Wee Herman dancing in a bar in ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’ in our minds.

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Tittsworth transitioned in next for his set. He had been on stage for the majority for the majority of Ookay’s time, as had Bare. In speaking with Bare during Tittsworth’s set, it was clear that the trio was having an absolute blast touring together. “It’s going great, I get to spend every night with my two best friends” he told us. He then asked about the venue, “Is this place ever not turned up?” He was clearly impressed by the crowd and how hard they were raging.

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We’ve been fans of Tittsworth ever since our drum and bass raver days in the late 90’s. Not only is he a solid DJ and producer, but along with DC based ‘T&A’ label mate DJ Ayres, he helped spawn moombahton. Moombaholics pay homage.

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Tittsworth was all over the place on Friday night (before, during, and after his set), rocking the mic, hyping up the crowd, and dropping some killer tracks.

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Bare’s headlining set kicked off at 1245am with some big bass music and a lot of smiles (from both the DJ and the crowd). Ookay and Tittsworth were by his side for much of his set, sometimes briefly taking over on the decks while the big man moved to the front of the stage to hype up the crowd, shake a few hands, and hand out some free merch.

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Shortly after 1am, Bare decided to let several ladies from the crowd join him on stage. Surrounded by his female fans and tour mates, he continued to pump out everything from Dutch house to electro to trap. Addressing the crowd, he told fans that whenever people ask him what are the best venues to play, he always mentions Philly’s Soundgarden Hall because they rage harder there than almost anywhere else.

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The Full Tilt Tour finally tilted at 2am and the night was over. While we’ve seen bigger crowds at the venue in the past, those who were there certainly got their money’s worth, and sometimes the extra room at the back is welcomed for fans to dance. We’ll be returning to Soundgarden Hall again tonight for the Lights Out party with ‘M Machine’ and ‘Le Castle Vania’.

[Photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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