Freeway Interview & Performance w/ Sean Falyon & Young Chris at Fluid

On Thursday night at Fluid nightclub (4th and South), Fader & Vitamin Water presented a free hip-hop show with DJ PHSH, Sean Falyon, Young Chris, and headliner, Freeway. The invite-only event kicked off around 8pm and lasted until just before midnight.

We arrived just as the event was kicking off, and grabbed some one-on-one time with Freeway to ask him a few questions about life and the rap game.

You heard it here first: Freeway vs. Eminem. What’cha got to say about that Slim?

After we were done speaking with Freeway, who, despite joking that he didn’t like us, was very friendly, we heading back to the main dance-floor and watched Fluid steadily fill up with fans clutching free copies of Fader, bottles of Vitamin water, and all the free Heineken’s they could drink.

Sean Falyon

Sean Falyon was the first rapper to take the stage (that guy is everywhere) and dropped some new (and some old) beats and verses on his hometown crowd (which included his mother). He then came out to the main floor to talk with fans and kick back.

Young Chris

Young Chris was up next and got the ladies screaming (one in the back in particular, had the most dreadful scream we’ve ever heard). He tossed out free shirts to the crowd, but promptly left the club when his set was over (evidently he had to catch a flight for a music video shoot today).


Finally it was time for Freeway to rock the mic, and he did not disappoint. Dressed down for our interview, he was now in bright colored gear and was more iced out than everyone else in the club combined. Sweating like crazy from the heat in the packed venue, and constantly repping his upcoming State Property reunion tour (July 2nd in Atlantic City), Vitamin Water, and Fader, Freeway had the place hanging on his every word. By the time he called all of the performers (including a few surprise guests) onto stage and closed out the show with hit “What We Do”, we had all been treated to quite a show. It was a great event and we’re certainly happy we Shishkobobbed. Early.

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