Foo Fighters with Royal Blood at Susquehanna Bank Center

Injuries may stop athletes in their tracks, but for Rock n’ Roll legends, the show must go on. After suffering a broken fibula when he fell off the stage in Sweden last month, Foo Fighters front-man Dave Grohl had to adapt. His solution? He designed a throne of guitars for himself to sit on while he played dates on their North American tour. The throne was front and center on July 6th when the Foo Fighters took the stage at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ. Grohl’s words to the crowd sum it up best: “I made some bad-ass lemonade out of this fucking lemon.”

FooFighters_July062015_MPGreen-32 copyFooFighters_July062015_MPGreen-977 copy

The show opened with ‘Royal Blood’ warming up the crowd on an already hot and sticky Summer night. The British duo has a huge buzz surrounding them recently and this is their biggest tour gig to date. The most impressive thing about Royal Blood is that they are able to produce their sound with just two members, and no backing tapes, and they did not disappoint during their 10 song opening set.

RoyalBlood_July062015_MPGreen-120 RoyalBlood_July062015_MPGreen-522 copy RoyalBlood_July062015_MPGreen-790 copy

As most opening acts tend to do, they wrapped up with their first single ‘Out of the Black’ to a roar of cheers from the 20,000+ fans in attendance. You can catch their full set list below.


Come On Over
You Can Be So Cruel
Figure It Out
Better Strangers
Little Monster
Blood Hands
One Trick Pony
Ten Tonne Skeleton
Loose Change
Out of the Black

The energy is the building was palpable as the crowd waited for the Foo Fighters to hit the stage and the second the curtain dropped and they hit the stage, Grohl perched atop his throne, the place went nuts. The Foo Fighters wasted no time, opening with ‘Everlong’ and ‘Monkey Wrench’.

FooFighters_July062015_MPGreen-329 copy FooFighters_July062015_MPGreen-100 copy

Grohl embraced his immobility. With his leg elevated throughout the show, the video monitors showed footage of his injury-causing fall of the stage, the subsequent visit to the hospital, and even early design drawings of the guitar throne. During the song ‘Walk’, he was unable to contain his laughter during the line “learning to walk again”.

FooFighters_July062015_MPGreen-164 copy

Once the spectacle of the throne faded a little bit, fans still had the show itself to enjoy. The two and a half hour long performance featured songs from the Foo Fighters eight studio albums, as well as some sweet covers of several songs (Queen’s Under Pressure’ with drummer Taylor Hawkins on lead vocals was a real treat), and some acoustic renditions of ‘My Hero’ and ‘Times Like These’.

FooFighters_July062015_MPGreen-1164 copy

The show was exactly what we’d expect from the Foo Fighters after 20 plus years as one of the most highly regarded rock outfits on the planet: it was epic. For those of you who missed it, the Foo Fighters will return to the Susquehanna Bank Center for a follow up performance on July 13th.

[Photo credit: Michael Green]

[Article by David Miller]

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You can view the full set list and an expanded photo gallery below (click images to enlarge):


Monkey Wrench
Learn to Fly
Something From Nothing
The Pretender
Big Me
I’m the One (Van Halen cover) (snippet played during band introduction)
Another One Bites the Dust (Queen cover) (snippet played during band introduction)
School’s Out (Alice Cooper cover) (snippet played during band introduction)
Cold Day in the Sun
My Hero (Acoustic)
Times Like These (Acoustic)
Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie cover)
All My Life
These Days
This Is a Call
Stay With Me (Faces cover)
Let There Be Rock (AC/DC cover)
Best of You

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