Flux Pavilion at The Fillmore

On Saturday, April 15th the Fillmore was the place to be for fans of Flux Pavilion here in Philadelphia. The UK bass-master and co-founder of Circus Records rolled into town on his “Around the World in 80 Raves” tour (presented by Steez Promo) with support from Kayzo, G-Buck, and locals Musho b2b Javascript, and Baceface.

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We arrived in time for Musho b2b Javascript and have to give some nice kudos to the duo for their crowd-warming tag-team set. The venue was getting hype by the time we walked in the door and that’s exactly what we want to see from locals gracing the big stage.

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Philly has always adored G-Buck, and the one-time local who has now released tracks on labels OWSLA, Mad Decent, Dim Mak, and Get Right Records, always shows love back to his hometown crowd. It’s always a treat when he drops his hip-hop infused brand of club music on the City of Brotherly Love.

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Kayzo hit the stage next and kept the party going with his unique blend of genres that can range anywhere from psy-trance, to happy hardcore, to dubstep. This was definitely a heavier, bass music set from Kayzo but that’s exactly what fans expected for the man who was setting the stage for headliner, Flux Pavilion.

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Kayzo has had a unique rise to fame, winning a contest through Insomniac, his first ever gig was actually a spot at a major event, and he made the most of that moment, kicking off his career as a touring DJ. We wholeheartedly enjoyed his set and we look forward to seeing what the Houston artist has in store for the future.

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When the headliner, Flux Pavilion, hit the stage, the packed house at the Fillmore went bananas. We have been big fans of Flux Pavilion ever since we heard his hit, ‘I Can’t Stop’, back in 2010, and the size of the crowd at the Fillmore on Saturday made it clear that his fan base here in Philadelphia is as rabid as ever.

flux inde-1472 copy flux inde-1293 copy flux inde-1668 copy

The headbanging, cheering, and good times lasted throughout his set and sweat drenched fans left at the end of the night, soaked in hours of good tunes and the feeling that they had received a ton of bang for their buck. We know it won’t be too long until Flux hops back across the pond to thrill Philly once again.

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[Photos by C2H2 Photo]

[Article by David Miller]

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