Flume at The Electric Factory

This past Wednesday, the Electric Factory was graced with the opportunity to hold one of Australia’s biggest artists: Flume. Currently on an almost completely sold out tour, the Electric Factory made sure that his streak of sell out performances continued.

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As the crowd entered in droves, Kenton Slash Demon got everyone moving and began to hype up the audience. This was furthered by the performance of Basenji, whose set ranged through a variety of genres to prepare the crowd for what was to come from the headliner.

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Flume began his performance with a dramatic and drawn out overture from behind a curtain, leaving the crowd’s imagination to run wild, and providing time for every single person present to become engaged and curious for what was in store. The music built, captivating the audience, until lights behind the curtain began to strobe to the beat, and finally the curtain dropped and the first song began. Flume immediately engaged with the audience, stopping after his first song to let the packed venue know that he planned on playing both new and old music, and he dove directly into a crowd favorite, ‘Holdin On’. He then played a series of well known songs, and had the entire building singing and dancing to songs they knew by heart.

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As the visuals on the screen behind Flume took the crowd on a journey through hyperspace, he took this opportunity to play his hit song ‘Insane’, and the fans followed his directions promptly, truly going insane. Throughout the show, Flume remained connected to the audience, stopping between songs to make sure that everyone was enjoying themselves and letting everyone know what direction he planned on taking the show next. Staying with familiar material, a large elaborate crown raised onto the screen behind him, and everyone knew what remix was about to play: ‘Tennis Court’ by Lorde; a remix which contains a subtle yet unique horse whinny.

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Finally, a moment many had waited for, the most recent song by Flume, ‘Never Be Like You’ (featuring Kai) began to play. Everyone present sang along at the top of their lungs and danced like no one was watching. As the night progressed, lights of all colors flashed and the geometric stage setup kept all eyes facing forward and entertained while the eclectic music did the same for the ears. It was a full on aesthetic assault. Flume’s set kept us dancing the entire night, and we wish him the best of luck on the remainder of his tour.

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Emily Holmquist]

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