Feed Me Devours Theater Of The Living Arts

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With the massive influx of EDM shows in Philadelphia these days, it’s rare to see an international artist play shows on back-to-back nights. Leave it to Feed Me, with support from Mord Fustang, to treat Philly fans to not one, but two beat-feasts on consecutive nights at the Theater of the Living Arts (presented by Steez Promo & Live Nation).

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The first show kicked off on Wednesday, January 30th. For those who were hungry for more, or still hadn’t received their first helping, there was a course dished out on Thursday, January 31st.

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For both shows, Feed Me brought his giant digital set which resembles a large mouth full of teeth and two glowing eyes. Before the teeth came out, there were opening sets by locals including one of our favorites, Khadafi Dub.

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From there Mord Fustang took over and served up a monster set in his own right. His tech-house infused bangers were enough to wet any beat-freak’s whistle. We enjoyed his set so much that, if he had been the headliner, we would have left the TLA fully satiated.

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Thankfully, the biggest treat of the night was still to come. From the moment the curtain dropped and the teeth came out, it was a virtual buffet of EDM infusion as Feed Me mixed his own signature tracks with other tasty morsels from around the globe.

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Philadelphia was once named one of America’s fattest cities before we collectively shed 30,000 pounds in 30 days. However, if beats and melodies were calories that could be ingested through your ears, there would have been hundreds of morbidly obese fans leaving the TLA on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Feed Me recently collaborated with Crystal Castles to release the first single, “Love Is All I Got”, off of his upcoming album. The EP, which features some sweet remixes, os so hot that you might need to stick it in your musical fridge to cool it off for a few minutes before you feed it into your speakers.

You can check it out here: https://soundcloud.com/youfeedme/sets/feed-me-crystal-fighters-love/s-gF5xh

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