Fans at the TLA Caught in The Temper Trap

The Temper Trap at the TLA

Independent Philly was in the house (theatre) as Aussie rock band “The Temper Trap” took the stage late Saturday night at the Theatre of the Living Arts (TLA) on South Street and rocked the crowd until just before midnight.

Dougie Mandagi (lead singer of The Temper Trap) at the TLA

 The band (who is popular in Australia and the UK) became better known in the United States after their hit “Sweet Disposition” appeared on the sound-track for the movie “500 Days of Summer” (which is a wonderful movie…if you haven’t seen it, you should).


 Lead singer Dougie Mandagi wore a “Lorenzo’s Pizza” t-shirt on stage which he had obviously picked up at the famous pizza joint up the street (most likely earlier that day).

Pizza and Drums

 The Temper Trap played several songs from their first studio album “Conditions” as well as a few new songs.

More Guitar


Mandagi singing "Sweet Disposition"
The Temper Trap
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