Ephwurd at District N9ne (with Interview)

Welcome to the next dimension, Philly: home of the powerhouse duo ‘EPHWURD’. No one could have expected what was in store for District N9NE when the headliners entered the building on Saturday night, July 30, but the audience was definitely in for a treat. EPHWURD has been at the top of the Future House movement for some time now, and their stop in Philadelphia was nothing short of incredible.

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Before the show we had the pleasure of interviewing the duo comprised of Datsik and Bais Haus, two individuals coming from completely different walks of life. They discussed how their contrasting musical backgrounds feed into their production together, and how it has been a blast to be able to produce and perform with their best friend. Before our interview started, Bais Haus touched on how much time the duo spent creating this new set for their tour stops, stating that they had never played anything quite like it before and that they were excited to showcase it for Philly. Not too long into the interview it was clear that their passion for music and creativity is what drives the two to continually strive to be the best they can be, and to never settle for anything less.

From the moment we arrived at District N9NE (which has undergone quite a transformation as of late with a stellar new light-up dance floor, improved sound and lighting, and some excellent line-ups) you could feel the immense energy from the crowd ripping through the venue. This energy was due to the fact that openers Terrance Powers, Cruzko, and Hsnbrg had the place going positively mad. Acts ranging from well know performers to local talent; these fantastic openers kept the energy going throughout the entire night.

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As EPHWURD took the stage the crowd lost their minds when they heard a familiar tune, “Rock the Party” begin, and from then on the energy never settled. Unlike their previous sets at events like Escape: Psycho Circus and EDC Vegas, EPWURD went everywhere musically here in Philly. Ranging from Future House, to Dubstep, to Alternative Rock and Trap Mashups, the two pushed what was expected and blew the crowd away. All throughout the audience you could hear, “How are they doing this?”

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As the night progressed, so did the antics on stage, including Datsik inviting the audience up onto the stage, standing on his table to spray the crowd with a water gun, and jumping into the sea of fans. EPHWURD truly knew how to throw a party. The duo left the crowd unambiguously baffled throughout their unbelievably eclectic set, ending with a brand new Datsik track to give everyone something extra to take home in their memory bank.

We believe that we can speak for everyone at District N9NE on Saturday night when we say thank you to EPHWURD for one incredible night of music.

[Photos by: Josh Campbell Photography]

[Article by Emily Holmquist]

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