EOTO with Emalkay & ELM at The TLA

Steez Promo’s 2014 season roared to life on Saturday, February 1st, with an action packed night at The TLA featuring ELM, Emalkay, and two headlining sets from EOTO.

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The 5+ hour show kicked off at 8pm with a B2B set by locals Ethan Dubb and Mojo Risin. The crowd was a little slow to show up but both of these guys have a loyal following so it wasn’t before long that the floor began to fill up with fans who came out early to take full advantage of the early talent on display.

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Up next was a group that we’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about recently, ‘ELM‘, a live-act out of Baltimore. Much like EOTO, the four piece outfit combines several genres of music, laying down elements of rock, funk, and electronica over some sharp dance beats (courtesy of drummer Steve Gorsuch).

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We were very pleased with our first ELM experience and enjoyed both their original jams and their take on other artists classic tunes (like the spin they put on Lorde’s ‘Royals’ below).

We’re sure we’ll be seeing ELM around these parts again before long in 2014.

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Things took a turn for the dubbier moments later when UK producer/DJ Emalkay hit the stage. When we last saw EOTO at The TLA, they had another bass baron, Crizzly, opening for them. Emalkay filled the same roll this time around and did it with style.

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While the heavy, bumping bass definitely got some people hyped riled up, it was clear that others were there just for the jamtronica aspects of the show. Regardless,  no one appeared to be having a bad time time during Emalkay’s set.

There was a fifteen minute break following Emalkay’s set and then it was time for EOTO to grace the stage for the first of two one-hour sets. Jason Hann and Michael Travis show no signs of slowing down at this stage in their careers. They have the same glow about them as we’ve seen since we first became fans of The String Cheese Incident back in the late 90’s.

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Chatting with them between their sets, it was easy to see that their passion for making music and playing live shows is alive and well in every aspect. On stage, they pumped out organic jams. The visuals, although impressive, seemed to be a slight step back from the lotus set-up from their last time in town, but we still thoroughly enjoyed them.

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Their second set wrapped up shortly before 2am and it was time to call it a night (for us anyway). With festival season on the horizon, we’ll be seeing the EOTO guys again before long.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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