Electric Factory Treated to Chromeo on Halloween

If you were tricked into being anywhere but the Electric Factory last night for Halloween, then you missed out on one hell of a treat. Forget the candy; the sweet, sweet sounds of Chromeo were all fans needed last night to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve.

Dressed in an array of creative costumes, Chromeo fans began filing into the Factory when the doors opened around 8pm.

Breakbot and Mayer Hawthorne served up the opening support for the headliners, playing not only original jams but many covers as well. They left the stage at 10pm and the stage was set for Chromeo.

Ever since our interview with Dave-1 a few weeks ago, we’d been waiting weeks to see him and Pee-Thugg bring their brand of 80’s style electro-pop to Philadelphia.

Around 1015 pm, Chromeo took the stage, and things just got scary good. There was a robot doing the funky chicken, a pirate doing the robot, cats dancing with dogs, and gorillas and bananas having a ghoulish good time together.

As good as their recorded tracks are, they really kick it up a notch at their live show. The lighting was amazing, the vocals were crisp, and the bass was funky.

Dressed as the Blues Brothers and standing in front of illuminated plastic (women’s) legs, Chromeo rolled through their lengthy list of hits, all the while engaging the costumed crowed with delicious anecdotes like “Hey Philly…let’s get pregnant”!

75 minutes later they left the stage before returning for a multi-song encore.

This was, without a doubt, one of the coolest shows we’ve seen this year.

Check out the extensive photo-gallery below:

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