ECHO…Echo…echo & The Bunnymen: Thursday Night Troc Hop

For her first assignment at Independent Philly, we sent talented writer, and music savant, Dixie, to the legendary Trocadero Theater to cover a legendary band…

Echo & The Bunnymen have taken to the road again to revisit their first albums. Starting in Boston on May 9th, and D.C on May 11th, they made a stop at The Trocodero in Philadelphia last night (May 12th) on their way to Irving Plaza in NYC.

At the Trocadero show, Echo played two of their earliest albums, “Crocodiles” and “Heaven Up Here” in their entirety. On a gloomy, dark, smoke ridden stage, EATBM churned out their songs of introspection, fear, despair, and confusion. Songs that touch on tales of drug use, and make comparisons of animalistic ways that display fear as a necessary impulse; that like animals, keeps us alive in the wild.

Despite the dreary setting, lead-singer Ian McCulloch mesmerized the crowd with his deep lyrics as he chain smoked cigarettes on stage ; joining us in despair, never commanding it. Even with hecklers shouting “It’s been 20 years, turn the lights on so we can see you. We love you!” Ian responded with a sharp reprimand of “Fuck off”, ever so cooly in his dark British accent. This show was strictly about the lyrics. Words commanded the audience and nothing else.

The crowd was mostly 35+, I was most likely one of the youngest patrons there, but we all connected through these words. We witnessed a living legend, and I was glad to be there.

[Photos by Jacob Miller, Story by Dixie]

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