Eats Everything at The Dolphin Tavern

We ventured out to the Dolphin Tavern on Friday, March 6th to see Eats Everything and his ‘Fries With That’ tour bring the flavor to South Philly.

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The last time we saw Eats Everything in Philly, it was outside during a warm June afternoon. This time around, there was still a good deal of snow of the ground from the previous day but inside the Dolphin, on the packed dance floor, it was hot, hot, hot.

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After a lengthy opening set from Salvo (who always gets the dance floor crowd properly warmed up), Eats Everything took over for his headlining gig around midnight. We’ll happily tell anyone willing to listen how much we enjoy all of the DJs on the Dirtybird label and Eats Everything is certainly no exception.

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There was a little breathing room near the bar at the front of the venue but once you hit the dance floor (in the light-up walls zone) it was full on sardine status. Eats Everything dropped one of his signature eclectic sets that included remixes of everyone from Madonna, to Claude VonStroke, to Venus Hum.

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The crowd devoured each song that was served up and at the end of the night, everyone left feeling fully satiated.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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