Fans ‘Beg for Death’ as Dying Fetus Brutalizes Brooklyn Bowl Philly

Photos by Keith Baker, and Article by A.J.Kinney

Legendary death metal band Dying Fetus graced the stage at Brooklyn Bowl Philly, delivering a relentless onslaught of technical mastery. The evening kicked off with an impressive lineup of supporting acts, each progressively intensifying the atmosphere in preparation for the impending onslaught.


Chamber’s opening performance was an electrifying display of their immense talent. The band’s relentless energy and crushing sound created an experience that had those who arrived early whipped into a frenzy. With powerful vocals, intricate guitar work, and an impressive rhythm section, Chamber proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with early into their set. These Nashville natives’ left a lasting impression with us, solidifying the band’s place as standout act of the night.

Creeping Death

Up next Creeping Death, whose performance was nothing short of an adrenaline-fueled onslaught of raw energy and heavy metal domination. I’ve seen Creeping Death perform opening duties on several tours over the past few years. Each time they find a new was to impress me. Whether it be the precision of their riffs, thunderous drumming, or the relentless bass lines; it all comes together creating a wall of sound that engulf the audience. The band’s solos were particularly outstanding this night, showcasing their technical prowess while still maintaining the raw intensity of their music. Vocalist Reese Alavi’s performance was one of many highlights throughout the night. His deep growls and stage persona add an extra layer of ferocity to their overall performance.

Despised Icon

Canadian deathcore powerhouse Despised Icon truly lived up to their reputation, delivering a performance that was nothing short of mind-blowing. It was our first time seeing the band, and they wasted no time launching into their set with an untamed intensity that has become their trademark. The dual-vocal assault of Alex Erian and Steve Marois was relentless, and their savage screams added an extra layer of aggression to the music.

Despised Icon’s setlist was an expansive journey through their discography, featuring tracks from their latest album as well as classic that have defined their career. Highlights included “Beast,” “The Aftermath,” and “MVP,” which had the crowd roaring along with every word.

The Acacia Strain

From the moment the Acacia Strain took the stage, the crowd was enamored by the thunderous drumming of Kevin Boutot, accompanied by the jarring basslines of Griffin Landa. They set the tone for an onslaught of heavy riffs and relentless breakdowns courtesy of guitarists Devin Shidaker and Tom Smith. Vincent Bennett’s raw vocals added an extra layer of aggressiveness, creating a soundscape that was absolutely punishing.

The band’s setlist featured a mix of fan-favorite tracks from albums like “Wormwood,” “Death Is the Only Mortal,” and “Gravebloom.” Metal heads and hardcore kids alike responded with a mosh pit that seemed to have a life of its own, churning with an energy that mirrored the band’s performance. The floor was a seething mass of bodies, and the intensity in the room was palpable.

What truly stood out was the sense of camaraderie between the bands and their die-hard fans. Vincent Bennett, in between songs, took the time to connect with the audience, sharing stories and expressing gratitude for their support. This personal touch created a sense of unity, making the concert feel like a gathering of friends as well as a musical experience.

Dying Fetus

As Dying Fetus took the stage, the venue erupted into a frenzy of excitement. The trio wasted no time, launching into a setlist filled with classics “Fixated on Devastation” and newer tracks such as “Compulsion for Cruelty” and “Throw Them in the Van” off their new album ‘Make Them Beg For Death’.

The relentless double-bass drumming of Trey Williams was nothing short of astonishing, driving the music forward with unstoppable force. The band’s stage presence was commanding, and both guitarist John Gallagher and Bassist Sean Beasley connected with the audience on a visceral level. Mosh pits erupted, and bodies were sent flying as fans reveled in the cathartic release of their music.

The lighting, stage effects, and even an unexpected (costumed baby) visitor enhanced the experience, casting the band in an eerie, otherworldly glow that matched the dark and wicked nature of their music. Brooklyn Bowl Philly arguably has the best sound in the city and the band took full advantage of this perk. Their performance culminated in an explosive finale “Wrong One to Fuck With”, afterwards leaving fans thoroughly exhausted and satisfied.

Dying Fetus proved once again that they are masters of their craft, delivering a night of unrelenting death metal mayhem. Alongside an all star lineup of up-and-coming artists, and established heavy hitters, this show will undoubtedly be remembered as a unforgettably brutal experience.

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