Dub Legend Lee “Scratch” Perry on World (Cafe Live) Stage

World Cafe Live

Reggae artists may come and reggae artists may go, but Lee “Scratch” Perry remains. Singing, shimmying and shining (literally and figuratively), the 74-year-old Jamaican lit up the lighter-waving crowd Thursday at World Café Live in University City. Thanking the audience for making him “feel like Peter Pan,” Perry jumped, ran and tip-toed across the stage.   

His Bling Has Bling
Lee Perry at World Cafe Live

The duke of dub sported Jamrock-colored boots, a sparkling pharaoh skeleton t-shirt, more rings than Bill Russell and a bejeweled baseball cap that looked like a crown, as he played preacher man, political activist and plenty of fan-favorite tunes. Flames went up for Fire. Hands rose as Perry put on Babylon Fall.  

Put Your Flame Up
Lee Perry

Lionize, out of Silver Spring, Maryland, opened and later played behind Perry.

Lead Singer of Lionize: Nate Bergman

The Upsetter’s latest release, The Unfinished Masterpiece Piece, dropped in April. His 2008 album Repentance was touted as one of the artist and producer’s best in recent decades.


Scratch Waxin'



Crowd Shot



Put Your Hands Up

At Independent Philly, we feel that everyone could benefit from Lee Perry’s gems of wisdom.

“Some men enjoy…me FULLjoy” and “Don’t understand, OVERstand”



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