DJ Dan’cing The Night Away at Monster Bash 2012

October might just be our favorite month here at Independent Philly. As the month rolls on, the frequency of Halloween inspired events grow greater by the day.

This year we popped our Halloween cherry eleven days before All Hallows Eve. It was a no-brainer (you hear that Zombies? Nothing to see here, move along) that we’d be spending Saturday, October 20th at Underground Arts once we heard that ROC Promo, Adults at Play, and Decibel were bringing house legend DJ Dan to town.

DJ Dan has been one of our favorite DJs since the mid-nineties. We had the pleasure if interviewing him in conjunction with our coverage of Starscape Festival over the summer, and speaking to him as he arrived at the venue on Saturday, it was evident that he’s not only a scholar of the turntables, but a gentleman as well.

We’ve been listening to our screening copy of his new album Disko-Funk Odyssey (which drops tomorrow, October 22nd) for weeks on end, which only served to get us more pumped up to see him in person. If you like to shake your ass, buy this album. Allergy Warning: This album was produced in a studio that processes high quantities of funk.

The event, called “Monster Bash 2012”, featured two rooms of music and kicked off at 10pm as guests, many in costume, began to arrive. In addition to the music, there were visuals provided by VJ Static, body painting by founder (and birthday boy) Matt Deifer, skulls, candy, fog, and even an electric chair (electricity not provided).

Opening sets by Davidson Ospina, Jeff Heart, and Deep C in the “Tech-House All Saint’s Escape” room and by Mchael Mythix, J-Me, and Gobs The Zombie (nothing says bass drops like blood and guts) in the Tech-Electro Grave-diggin’ Dungeon (main) room got the costumed crowd moving on the dance-floor and by the time DJ Dan hit the small stage in the main room at 1am, everyone was ready to get down and funky with some pure, unadulterated house music.

For the next two hours DJ Dan took the crowd at Underground Arts on a journey through decades of house classics infused with some newer gems. Forget big stage rigs, lasers, and other smoke & mirror effects; DJ Dan needs none of these tricks to treat his fans. This is his “house”, and like Monster Bash 2012, it was built on a strong foundation of quality over quantity.

It was a hauntingly great set that will be sure to stay with those in attendance long over this freakishly fun party ended at 3am.

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You can view an expanded photo gallery and some video of DJ Dan’s set below:

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