Disco Biscuits & Dopapod at The Electric Factory

Record cold bitter temperatures blanketed the Philly region on Thursday, February 19th, the same night that the Disco Biscuits kicked off a three-day run of shows at the Electric Factory.

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The opening night got underway at 830PM with an opening set from supporting act, Dopapod. Dopapod is a logical choice to open for the Disco Biscuits and they are cut from the same Jamtronica cloth as the headlining act. Their sound has begun to evolve over the last two years and now features vocals on most of their tracks. We’re definitely fond of the newer Dopapod vibe (which is evident on their last studio release “Never Odd or Even” as well as at their live shows) as the vocals add a new layer to the status quo of the traditional jam band sound.

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Perhaps it was the frigid temps, or the fact that many fans were saving their energy for the shows on Friday or Saturday night, but there was a sparse crowd for Dopapod’s set (the majority of which was in the 21+ areas). Of course there is the contingent of rabid fans that will be on hand for all three-nights, but if they missed Dopapod on Thursday, they’ll only have one more chance to catch them (they are playing Friday but not Saturday).

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Dopapod played for about an hour, at which point they departed the stage and the crowd buzz started to build for the Disco Biscuits. The Biscuits have a strong following all over the country but perhaps nowhere as strong as it is here in their home town of Philadelphia. The band often plays runs of multiple days in a row, including the annual City Bisco series each fall.

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When the lights dimmed and the band hit the stage around 10PM, the audience had grown significantly larger with many members of the crunchy crowd migrating to the floor to “dance”. Of course another defining element of the Disco Biscuits shows are the stunning laser light displays and those were on point all night long (whether looking up at them from the floor or gazing down at the from the upper level).

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We’re not quite sure why jam bands often insist on playing multiple sets at the same show. We’ve seen bands with a lot more energy on stage play continuously for 3-4 hours without ever taking a break (we’re looking at you Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band) but true to form, the Biscuits did exactly that. The first set consisted of: Jam-> Pygmy Twylyte-> Basis for a Day (unfinished)-> Little Betty Boop (unfinished)-> Wet, Spectacle

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After a lengthy set break (seemed like a solid 30 minutes) the band returned to the stage, opening the second set with a cover of “The Safety Dance” by Men At Work. This was our favorite moment of the night as we always like to see an act playing something that is outside of their norm. The full second set was as follows: The Safety Dance-> King of the World-> Mindless Dribble (Dub Dribble, unfinished)-> Lunar Pursuit-> Gangster-> 42

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After wrapping around 130AM, the band returned to the stage for a final encore of “Home Again” before shutting things down for the night. This will be the only show of the run that we will be attending but rest assured that the Electric Factory will be jam packed with Biscuit-heads for the next two nights. If you’d like to catch the show for yourself, you can snag advanced tickets right here.

[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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