Derrick Carter Puts the House in House Party

So many EDM events these days are about the production.

Years ago, even headlining DJs at many venues would be tucked away in a DJ booth where they couldn’t be seen. These days, there are gigantic stage set-ups with lasers, digital screens, smoke machines, bells & whistles.

What often gets lost in all of the smoke and mirrors is the music itself, the craft of a DJ to feel out a crowd, select his tracks, and mix his way into the hearts and minds of everyone in attendance.

Imagine taking your favorite mega-rock band and getting to see them play an acoustic set in a little dive bar. It would be pure magic. Sometimes, less is more.

That’s exactly what real house music fans were treated to on Saturday night when ROC Philly presented something we never thought we’d see. House music legend Derrick Carter, with support from Carl Michaels and Hugh Cleal, played in the basement of a house in West Philly for around 150 people.

You heard that right. Derrick Carter, in a house, playing some of the best house music around.

There was no giant stage or laser machines, just some decks and a mixer on a table (that was also littered with beer cans and red party cups). There was one small light machine, some sweet speakers, and some house heads clapping, stomping, and dancing their butts off.

This event wasn’t about making money, it wasn’t about visual aesthetics, it wasn’t about overcharging for water and drinks. It was just about one thing: the music.

Derrick Carter played from 3am until 530am and the party continued after that. We applaud ROC Philly for their efforts on this one. When the talent you book is top-notch, there’s no need to dress it up.

Word on the street is, this is just the first in a series of similar parties that will be popping up around Philly in the near future. Keep your ears open, and get ready to dance.



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