There’s A Mau5 In The Opera House! Deadmau5 launches the We Are Friends Tour at The Met

NERO, Kasablanca, and Lamorn joined Deadmau5 on the first stop of the We Are Friends tour

Photos & Review by Jericho Sav

For the second time in as many days, Philadelphia launched another massive tour. With The Weeknd selling out Lincoln Financial Field on Thursday, Deadmau5 and a few friends took over The Met on Friday. Packed to the brim, attendees were treated to stellar light displays, crippling waves of bass, and some of the most beautifully composed electronic tracks ever.


Praised as Deadmau5’s burgeoning protege, the night started off with Lamorn. After a few tracks I could see why. He sports a unique set, infusing live guitar into bass-heavy electro productions. The future certainly seems bright for this rising producer.


Aside from the recognition of Pete Tong and Armin Van Buuren, I didn’t know much about Kasablanca. As soon as their seemingly archaic equipment was loaded onto stage, I could tell this was going to be a set to remember. Blending melodic and melancholic, Kasablanca put on a show that stretched a wide production spectrum. Their vocal driven tracks were a perfect segue into the masterful catalog of NERO.


As far as bucket list artists go, NERO was one of them. While a live set with Dan Stephens and Alana Watson would’ve been choice, hearing their productions on The Met’s sound system was a no doubt a treat. Joe Ray’s presentation of the NERO discography was top notch, weaving seamlessly through Welcome Reality and Between II Worlds. Highlights included ‘Me and You’, ‘Crush On You’, ‘Must Be The Feeling’, and ‘Promises’. Over a decade later, I’m so glad I finally got to hear these tracks they way they should be heard. Big things to come from NERO as apparently they have a new album on the way.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how quickly and flawlessly the tour crew set up and broke down the set for each performer. Before I could look away Deadmau5 was already taking the stage. The mau5’s patented crescendo into the first track was exquisite, interacting with the crowd and building substantial anticipation. ‘Cthulhu Sleeps’ and ‘Animal Rights’ highlighted the early portion of the set, while the variations of ‘Ghosts N Stuff’ were a personal favorite. Deadmau5 staged the perfect start to the We Are Friends Tour as he closed with arguably the most beautifully composed track of the 2010’s, ‘Strobe’.

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