Deadmau5: Back to Back Nights of the Cube v. 3.0 at The Met

2 Nights of Deadmau5 // Cube V.3.0 in Philly

If the old adage runs true: that it’s hip to be square, then it stands to reason that it’s simply cool AF to be cubed. Philly got to witness the sensation of Deadmau5’s Cube v. 3.0 on back to back nights, Thursday, January 23 and Friday, January 24, 2020, at the Met on North Broad Street.

[ Review by David J. Miller + A.J. Kinney ]

[ Photos by Jen Strogatz + A.J. Kinney ]

LIGHTS was the Thursday night support act with Jay Robinson taking the honor for the Friday show. Both opening acts did an admirable job of warming up the capacity crowds at The Met as fans anxiously awaited the headlining act.

Deadmau5 fans who have become accustomed to 90-minute headlining sets were in for a treat both nights as he stretched his performances to around two-and-a-half hours. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the visual spectacle that is The Cube in a venue as gorgeous as The Met. It was simply stunning. The visuals that appeared on the rotating cube throughout the evening consisted of everything from Deadmau5’s logo to Pac Man to racecars.

The shows consisted of a mix of crowd favorites like ‘Moar Ghosts N Stuff’, ‘Raise Your Weapon’, ‘The Veldt’, and a ten-minute rendition of ‘Strobe’, from a variety of Deadmau5’s albums (except, surprisingly, for Random Album Title). Interwoven with some new tracks from his forthcoming album (including ‘Drama Free’ which he performed with Lights) and even a few rare, unreleased songs that the die-hard fans surely recognized, Deadmau5 took fans on a journey through sight and sound.

Whether you knew his music before coming to the show or were experiencing it for the first time, everyone was there to have a great time and have their eyes, ears, and minds blown.

His final encore of the two-night run consisted of ‘Bridged by a Lightwave’ and ‘Monophobia’. We are not sure if either tune will be on his new album but they certainly had fans talking after the show.

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