Dayglow Trenton: Paint Party Part Two

If day one of Dayglow in Trenton was crazy (and it was), day two was simply insane!

Even before the doors opened at 8pm, the Dayglow chants had started in the lines outside of the Sun National Bank Center.

They continued as fans poured into the venue in anticipation of five full hours of madness.

DJ David Vaux got the party started on night two. He wasted little time in getting the crowd dancing and cheering as he mixed up some sweet beats (you can check out his soundcloud here).

After his set he joined the paint crew in the pit to get ready for the first blast (which again took place at 1030pm).

DJ Pressure again held down the middle slot for night two and absolutely killed it. He had the whole place moving (everyone from the security guards to the Dayglow production staff).

Night two also featured the same amazing visuals and performers as night one.

And of course, there was the paint…lots and lots of paint.

It poured out of hands, cannons, bottles, and buckets. It covered everyone and everything.

The headlining DJ for night two was Felix Cartel. We’d never heard Felix play before. It quickly became apparent that it was our loss.

The dude threw down. His track selection was spot on. If it was a party before he hit the decks it was sheer madness afterwards.

The event once again ended at 1am.

Fans chanted for one more song but alas, it was time for this good time to come to an end.

The madness will continue tonight as Dayglow heads to Bethlehem, PA.

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