Dayglow Stroudsburg: April Showers Bring Mayhem

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day…

Okay Rain, You Can Stay, Stroudsburg Will Party Anyway.

That was the mantra on Saturday, April 21st as Dayglow invaded Stroudsburg, PA for an outdoor show at the Sherman Summer Stage.

The stage was located on a giant tennis court, on a camp ground in the middle of the woods. The forecast for the day was for thunderstorms, pouring rain, and high winds. Unfortunately, the meteorologists got it right.

The paint party was set to kick off at 7:00pm but with lightning in the area, fans were forced to remain outside of the gates (for their own safety). As the crowd grew, it also grew more impatient. By 7:45pm it looked like the event might have to be canceled. Thankfully, the lightning left the area and party goers, who had been dancing outside the gates (as music had been pumping out from the stage for the past 15 minutes) and chanting “Dayglow!” were allowed to enter.

Fans streamed into the stage area and the Dayglow staff wasted little time bringing out the paint. Normally there is a much larger build up to the paint, but this was no ordinary Dayglow. The people who came in the rain, waited in the rain, and now partied in the rain deserved to be rewarded. What better way to reward those soaked in cold rain that by further soaking them in neon paint?

Not only did the paint quickly come out of the pressure guns, but the paint blast count down went up almost immediately for 30:00 minutes. Stroudsburg was being treated like a super concentrated version of Dayglow (just add water).

Raging in the rain was taken to new levels as the opening DJs cranked out bass-heavy tunes and thousands of fans danced along, soaked in rain, paint, and possibly even sleet.

The heavy winds blew, as did the rest of the rest of the weather conditions. The rain drops were accentuated with bass drops. Although the stage was covered, the rain came from all directions, making it necessary to protect the DJ gear set-up in plastic. The decks were just about the only person or thing that didn’t get completely soaked.

David Solano and Sidney Samson were the featured DJs for the evening. Solano was up first and kept fans dancing (and body temperatures up). Many of the stage performances had to be canceled due to safety concerns, but there were plenty of visuals. Most notably among them was the large clouds of steam coming off of the crowd as the cold rain and paint showers continued to fall.

Sidney Samson took over just after 10:00pm and was greeting with a roar of cheers when host Emir Duru announced him to the crowd. A few people had given up and left early at this point but the majority of Dayglowers had stuck it out in the horrible conditions. You would never guess from the smiles on their faces and the good times they were having, that it was so brutally cold.

The party and paint continued until around midnight with champagne showers joining in with the rain and paint. Let it never be said that Stroudsburg doesn’t go hard in the paint (rain, and everything else).

You can view a full photo gallery below:

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