Dayglow Philadelphia: Paint Pops Off at Penns Landing

After two sold-out shows at Penn State University, the Dayglow tour rolled into Philadelphia on Friday, April 13th to invade the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing.

The show, another sell-out, featured DJ sets by Aiden Scott, BetaTraxx, Chuckie, and David Solano.

It was a beautiful day weather wise and the sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky when the gates opened at 6pm.

From the moment Dayglowers entered the venue, decked out in white gear with neon colored accessories, the dancing began, the beer flowed, and it was clear that this was going to be one crazy night in Philly.

The crowd continued to grow as the visual performances started on stage. The massive stage at Festival Pier was also decked out with a slew of digital screens to accentuate the DJ booth in the center.

As the sun began to set, the chants of “We want paint!” began. Philly had the paint jones. They would soon get more than enough to quell the collective appetite.

With the paint countdown clock running on the screens behind him, Chuckie thrilled the crowd before dashing off to jet-set to a gig in South America. Around 930pm it was time for the first paint blast of the evening. By this point the venue was packed to the gills.

The paint came out of cannons, high pressured paint guns, and bottles. It rained down in mist, soaking beams, and gobs flung through the air.

David Solano had taken over on the decks by this point and continued the party until fans danced with The Devil From Acapulco and things wound down around 11pm.

At that point paint covered people moved to the Theater of the Living Arts on South Street for Art of Electronica’s After Glow party, where Dayglow host Emir Duru and DJs Dubsef, David Solano, and BetaTraxx kept the fun going until 2am.


You can view the full Dayglow Philadelphia album below:


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